In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz

In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth
and Con Markiewicz
By W. B. Yeats
Eva Gore-Booth and Constance Markiewicz
• (née Gore-Booth) were two sisters who lived at
Lissadell House in County Sligo.
• Constance (Con) died in 1926, and Eva in 1927.
• The young Yeats had been encouraged by them
and entranced by their beauty.
• They are remembered in the poem as "Two girls
in silk kimonos, both / beautiful, one a gazelle."
• Both later became involved in Irish nationalist
politics, and Constance was sentenced to death
for her part in the Easter Rising of 1916, though
the sentence was subsequently commuted.
• Eva later became active in the Women's suffrage
movement in Manchester, England.
Worksheet 25.1
• Complete the spaces – use your knowledge of
Yeats’ poetry and concerns to help you.
• Share your ideas
• Now compare your version to the original.
Yeats’ Attitude to Women
Admiration for
the women
Place key lines from the
poem wherever you
think appropriate
between the two poles.
Condemnation of
the women
Understanding the Poem….
The sisters dies shortly before Yeats wrote the
poem. Why does he not appear to be grieving their
Yeats instead chooses to grieve the women as they
were when they were young, in their pre-political
lives. He feels that this is how they should have
Find evidence to support this.
1. How does Yeats show his scorn of the
women’s politics?
2. How does the tone change in the second
3. How is the idea of time built into the poem?
4. What do you think the gazebo could
5. How can you link this poem to other poems
by Yeats?

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