Combining the Power of Social Media and Online Advertising for

Combining the Power of Social
Media and Online Advertising for
Effective Web-Based Promotions
APTA Marketing & Communications Workshop
February 24, 2014
UTA Social Media Overview
• UTA social media accessible
from News and Events page at
• Social media channels
include Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube and Flickr.
• Twitter : 8,600 followers.
Offers service alerts, updates
and UTA news. Staffed 5 a.m.
– 8 p.m., M-F.
• Facebook: 6,800+ likes. Used
to publicize UTA news and
events and to answer rider
questions and concerns.
• Instagram feed and a
YouTube channel used to
engage and educate riders.
FAREPAY Campaign Overview
Social media played a starring
role for the launch of UTA’s
1. The initial FAREPAY
announcement (August 2013).
2. FAREPAY go-live and card
promotion (October 2013).
3. Associated Foods card
giveaway (December 2013).
FAREPAY Phase 1: Announcement
Posted on UTA’s blog on
August 28.
Links to the blog post were
pushed out via UTA’s
Facebook page and Twitter
• The initial tweet received 128
clicks, the highest of the
• The Facebook post received
187 likes, comments or shares.
• The FAREPAY post was the
most visited page on the UTA
blog during the month of
FAREPAY Phase 2: Go-live
Oct. 8 – FAREPAY release date
was announced on UTA’s blog,
Facebook and Twitter feed
Oct. 9 – FAREPAY cards preloaded
with $15 were handed out at select
FrontRunner and TRAX stations.
Oct. 14 – FAREPAY cards made
available to the public. YouTube
video posted with links on
Facebook and Twitter.
Oct. 15 – Link to a list of stores
carrying FAREPAY cards posted to
Facebook and Twitter.
Oct. 21 – UTA issued social media
reminders about FAREPAY’s store
locator function.
FAREPAY Phase 2: Go-Live (Cont.)
• In October, UTA received an
average of eight Facebook likes
per day. On Oct. 8 and 9,
during the FAREPAY card
giveaways, UTA received 64
and 58 likes.
• FAREPAY posts received more
likes, comments and shares
than any other post UTA
shared on Facebook during
• On October 8, UTA gained
approximately 75 new Twitter
followers, the biggest increase
of the month.
In December, UTA hosted a 5-day giveaway to
promote that FAREPAY cards were available at
Associated Foods stores.
Riders asked to guess a specific Associated Foods
store location for the chance to win a $50
Snapshot of the store was posted on Facebook
and Twitter. Followers invited to guess the store
location by leaving a comment on the UTA blog.
More than 60 entries received each day
UTA received more than 160 clicks on the
initial contest announcement tweet,
increased Twitter followers more than 200
during the contest
Online Advertising
All social media efforts were supported with a robust
media buy
• Media buy included radio, outdoor and, most
importantly online advertising.
• Social media is not intended to replace advertising.
UTA and R&R worked together to make a
comprehensive campaign rather than separately
emphasize social media and traditional media.
Why Online Advertising?
• Low out of pocket (depending on market)
• Efficient CPM ($5-$10 average, compared to $25 plus for broadcast)
• Limited waste
• Pay per click
• Reaches “hard to reach” millennial
• Geo-targeted
• 1 to 1 marketing (vs. broad target appeal of broadcast)
• Targetable to consumer habit i.e. baseball fan, stay at home parent
• Re-targeting
• Hourly, daily, weekly monitoring
• Ad performance data
• Testable
• Comparable
Online Begets Online.
• Online media increases social media activity
• SEO tends to increase with online buys
• Maximizes online transactions i.e. buying a pass online
FAREPAY Campaign Conversion.
FAREPAY Display Media Site
FAREPAY Top Performing Placements.
FAREPAY Top Performing Creative.
Thank you.

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