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Our Context
Launched March 2011
A network of many different after-school and summer programs for youth in Saint Paul. It is a
collaboration of community organizations, the City of Saint Paul, and Saint Paul Public
Non-funding intermediary
Sprockets improves the quality, availability and effectiveness of out-of-school time learning
for all youth in Saint Paul through the committed, collaborative and innovative efforts of
community organizations, government, schools and other partners
Provide support around program improvement
• YPQA, Citywide shared data system, SAYO
• Trainings at no cost to Saint Paul programs
44 partners utilizing at least 1 support in 2012-13
• Age groups ranging k-12
• Multiple formats (daily, weekly, weekend)
• Varied content (academic, arts, leadership, enrichment, employment, etc)
Activator Improvement Cycle
 Youth outcomes: internal evaluation tools, SAYO-Y,
SAYO-S, pre/post tests
 Program experience: parent and youth satisfaction
surveys, focus groups, SAYO-Y
 Quality practices: YPQA, NYSAN, organization
capacity scales
 Attendance/participation: City Span, KidTrax, CTK,
EZ reports, OYP
Activator Improvement Cycle
Late Aug
SAYO Training
Quality Kick off
YPQA Self and External Assessments
Pre SAYO data collection
M3 and/or Planning with Data
Create Improvement Plans
Early Feb
Submit Improvement Plans
Jan – April
Method’s trainings
Post SAYO data collection
Improvement Cycle Celebration/Reflection
Social Emotional Learning
Why SEL?
• Positioning
– System level- expanding what success looks like beyond academics
and getting the message of OST impact out locally and nationally
– Program level - supporting programs in creating logic models that
clearly define what they intentionally impact through their programming
for internal planning and external communications
Performance/Program Improvement– Providing a snapshot of where their
participants are to help inform how they provide programming for
Common Network Indicators
SAYO – Y (Youth grds 4-8 & 9-12)
SAYO – S (Staff Survey)
• Supportive adults
• Sense of competence
• … as a learner
• …socially
• Engagement in Learning
• Relationships with Adults
Orgs may choose additional indicators up
to a total of 50 questions
Orgs may choose an additional indicator
Sprockets SAYO data collection - Wilder Research creates survey
links – Can link pre/post surveys to Shared Database demographics,
participation, etc
Network Partner Participation
Year 1: Pilot year - All orgs required to use SAYO-S (SAYO-Y optional add on)
• 279 youth from 7 orgs
Year 2: Orgs could choose SAYO- S, SAYO-Y or both (with common
• 12 orgs (32 programs)
• SAYO – Y: 205 Completed pre and post (77% of those who completed pre survey)
• SAYO – S: 626 completed pre and post (52% of those who had a pre survey
First Year Results

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