LCAP School Board Presentation - February 12, 2014

Placerville Union School District
LCAP Development Plan
February 12, 2014
Local Control and Accountability Plan - LCAP
On or before July 1, 2014, the District must adopt the LCAP
using the state template
The District’s LCAP must include a description of the following:
Annual Goals and Progress Indicators to measure
student outcomes
Actions, services and expenditures designed to
improve student learning
Process used to engage parents, teachers,
administrators, staff, students, unions, and other
Eight Priority Areas
Student Achievement
• Performance on standardized and district tests
• Score on Academic Performance Index
• Students receiving a 4 or 5 on Standards Based Report
• Students receiving an A or B on Graded Report Card
• Share of English learners who become English proficient
• English learner reclassification rate
School Climate
Implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Systems
Student suspension and expulsion rates
Discipline Referral Information
Student participation in school clubs and activities
Parent Involvement
Student Engagement
 School
attendance rates
• School
• Chronic
Middle and High school drop out rates.
 High school graduation rates.
Other Student Outcomes
• Other indicators of student performance
• Efforts to seek parent input
• Promotion of parent participation
• Percentage of parents involved in P/T Conferences
Basic Services
• Percentage of properly credentialed teachers
• Student access to standards-aligned instructional materials
• Facilities in good repair
Implementation of Common Core State Standards
• Implementation of CCSS for all students including EL, SPED
Course Access
• Student access and enrollment in all required areas of study
Which students are monitored in the LCAP?
All students
LCFF provides additional funding for supplemental services for students
who qualify for the National School Lunch Program, English learners, and
foster youth (an unduplicated count)
“Numerically significant subgroups” = 30 students or more with valid test
scores in any group except foster youth, which requires 15 or more
Adopting and Updating the LCAP
Consultation with:
• Teachers
• Principals
• School
• Pupils
• Local
bargaining units
Present for review and
comment to:
• Parent advisory
committee (PAC)
• English learner
parent advisory
committee (ELPAC)
• The superintendent
must respond in
writing to comments
Opportunity for public
• Notice of the
opportunity to
submit written
• Public hearing
• The superintendent
must respond in
writing to
comments received
Adoption of the plan:
• Adopted
concurrent with
the Districts
• Submitted to
COE for approval
• Posted on
district website
• COE posts LCAP
for each district/
school or a link
to the LCAP
Engaging Stakeholder Groups
• Site Council
• District Budget Advisory Committee
• English Learner Parent Advisory Committee
• Students
• District Bargaining Units
• Parents Survey
• Admin Team
Timeline in Brief
January: Governor’s Budget and LCAP Expenditure Regulations released
February and March: Consult with Stakeholder Groups
February 20th / March 3rd Admin Review
February 21st Budget Advisory/ March ??
March 12th Site Council (M) March 27th Site Council (Si) ?? Site Council (SC)
March 13th DELAC
March ?? Bargaining Units
• April 3rd Markham Students
April: Draft LCAP presented to all groups for review and comment
Draft LCAP will be completed prior to Spring Break
Draft Posted on Website
Parent Survey April 1st
May: Revised LCAP shared with all groups and presented to the Board
• May 21st Board Hearing on Revised LCAP
June: Final LCAP presented to the Board for approval
• June 19th Board Approval
Questions ???

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