Unit 2 – Principles of Health
and Social Care
Understand how principles of
support are implemented in health
and social care practice
Lesson Objectives
• Explain the importance of the person centred
• Describe the protection from risk of harm of
service users.
• Assess the use of PowerPoint in relation to the
first task
Let Our Dad Die
• As you watch this programme please consider
– ethical dilemmas and the conflict that may arise
when providing care
– Principles of health and social care
Principles of health and social care
Respecting individuality
Respect and partnership
Equal opportunities
Respecting diversity, different cultures and values
Providing care, support and attention for individuals,
family, friends, carers, groups and communities
Ethical Principles
There are four key ethical principals that every Health & Social
Care worker should take into account:
1. Respect for autonomy
2. Beneficence
3. Non maleficence
4. Justice
5. Fidelity
6. Paternalism
Person Centred Care
• Supporting preferences, wishes and needs
• Supporting privacy and dignity
• Supporting others to make informed choices
about the services they receive
Paired Work – 20 minutes
• Using the books from last week and laptops
work in pairs to:
• Find the meaning of one aspect of person
centred care.
• Analyse the benefit of this in relation to Tony
Protection from risk of harm
• Risk is part of everyday life but becoming an
increasing concern in health and social care.
• Predictable and preventable risks are
avoidable and should be avoided.
• This will be through the use of Risk
Assessments and care plans.
• Balancing risk against individual choice.
Protection from risk of harm
• The CQC regard this as a key factor for
inspection and concern
• Outcome 7: Safeguarding people who use
services from abuse People should be
protected from abuse and staff should
respect their human rights.
• There are 12 outcomes in total
CQC: The essential standards
Respecting and involving people who use services
Consent to care and treatment
Care and welfare of people who use services
Meeting nutritional needs
Cooperating with other providers
Safeguarding people who use services from abuse
Cleanliness and infection control
Management of medicines
Safety and suitability of premises
Safety, availability and suitability of equipment
Requirements relating to workers
Supporting workers
Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
How to assess risk
• Assessing risk to self and others
• Right of individuals to take risks
• Informing relevant people about identified
How do you do this?
• An older person continually loses her balance
and falls over. They have injured themselves
on two occasions now.
• Restricting their moving
– Although this may keep them self it would effect
their independence
– Overprotection means their mobility will
Questions to consider
• Does the individual have appropriately
supportive shoes?
• Are there any walking aids that would offer
• Is the environment safe?
• Are there any unnecessary obstacles that
hinder mobility?
Not just physical risks but also
Task 1
• Your line manager has asked you to participate in the
induction process for new employees, by producing and
delivering a presentation, on the implementation of
principles of support. You may refer to your own setting,
whilst maintaining full confidentiality, with regard to names
and contexts.
• Prior to the delivery of your presentation, you must submit
the following:
– Research notes
– A bibliography of all sources consulted
– Written permission from your setting, for the use of any
The presentation will need to
• An explanation on how the principles of support are
applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in
health and social care practice
• Outline the procedure for protecting clients, patients,
and colleagues from harm
• Analyse the benefit of following a person-centred
approach with users of health and social care services
• Explain ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise
when providing care, support and protection to users
of health and social care services
• Why do we do them?
• Are there any benefits?
• Why not write an essay?
I had originally planned to carry out these
presentations on Saturday 25th Workshop.

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