Statement of Purpose - Ambleside Nursing Home

Our Residents Expect:
To be encouraged and assisted in maintaining high
quality of life, with respect for the residents'
To enable and be supported in achieving maximum
independence and potential to manage themselves.
To have their interests dealt with confidentially and have
their privacy respected.
To be to encouraged to follow any religion of their
To be safeguard from discrimination on any grounds,
whether it be age, disability, sex, race, language or
To be able to retain their own doctor, whenever
To receive medical and nursing care in a private place.
To bathe, wash and use toilet facilities in private or with
assistance if the resident chooses.
To be cared for appropriately by trained and qualified
To be encouraged to participate in recreational activities
if the individual desires.
To receive visitors at any reasonable time.
To have their care assessed, evaluated, carried out,
discussed and an appropriate care plan drawn up and
reviewed on a regular basis.
To be supported in the treatment and management of
any disease, disorder or injury.
To be freely given personal information on their
To have the right to privately consult a solicitor or
advisor and have the right to be represented. To feel
confident to put forward their own point of view.
To provide with homely, safe and clean accommodation
of a high standard and encourage to bring own personal
To have access to a telephone and privacy.
To have high quality appetising and nourishing food
appropriate to the individual's dietary needs.
To be encouraged to keep old friendships and form new
To be free to comment on or complain about any aspect
of service provided by the home through formal or
informal channels, including Ambleside's complain
procedure or through CQC.
To have a contract of residence, statement of terms and
all information before admission.
RS Care Limited
T/A Ambleside Nursing Home
6 Southside
BS23 2QT
e-mail:[email protected]
Manager: Mrs M Leszczynska

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