How to spend free time in Lublin?

How to spend free time in
Bartłomiej Milaniuk
Marek Molenda
Damian Wiejak
Łukasz Żak
If you train any sport or simply enjoy spending
time actively, Iublin is a place for you
Lublin offers many sport facilities, for example:
• Football
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Ice skating
And much more…
State of the art ice rink in the region .
Do not have your own skates, do not worry, the site is to rent
equipment and be entertained more than 500 pairs of skates.
And when they run out of power in the legs can rest in the heat
zone ICE Club. Nice atmosphere, hot and cold beverages,
snacks, a small and a big hunger.
GLOBUS is a modern ski slope in the heart of
There is artificial snow.
lights around the slope allow skiing late into
the night.
Is the only so big and so professional cycling
circuit in Poland. Trails extend over an area of
over 12 hectares.
It's not just a place to ride for professionals but
also for amateurs
Lagoon for 36 years is still the most popular
holiday destination near Lublin, both among
families with children, adolescents, adults and
elders. The area around the lagoon is a
paradise for cyclists - still emerging path
around the reservoir. A growing list of
attractions every year, certainly contributes to
the good reputation of the Lagoon in Lublin
and beyond.
Lublin is not just famous for great sports
grounds, it's also a great place for club
members and parting!
The club was created to the delight of
connoisseurs, coming to enjoy the taste of life,
unfettered fun and love. Modern interior with a
design for the global trends podążającym gives
a taste of decadence and refined
luxury. Although it is still an innovative
climate and buduarowo. Musically, Chocolate
is a jewel among the clubs in Lublin.
Design refers to the crazy time of year 60.i
70th For those times, famous in the West with
abundant life refers disco red lighting, ceilings
made of mirrors, artificial fur adorning the
décor and the transition corridor between
rooms, upholstered in contrasting silver
plate. It all takes us into the positive world of
kitsch, and the walls painted in stripes, mirrors,
and rounded bubble entry into the small
meeting refer to a carbonated beverage.
The club is a unique place on the map of
Lublin. Daily from 9:00 am available from us
a tasty breakfast, lunch, drink a beer with
friends, and even the sheesha. The kitchen
serves a wide range of snacks and meals. In a
relaxed atmosphere to the sound of good music
here, you can recharge your batteries during a
break in their daily chores and activities.
We can also spend our time in other ways:
• Go sightseeing
• Go to restaurants
• Go to the cinemas
• Go shopping
And much more…

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