Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE)
Students’ Manual
November 2014
The Blue Experience
• Assesses the students’ evaluations of the instructor, the course, and learning
• OIRA in collaboration with IT implemented a new ICE application (Blue
Evaluations) , acquired from
• “eXplorance is a leading provider of Learning Experience Management (LEM)
solutions for higher education, corporate training and organization
• “eXplorance develops enterprise-Course web-based software that helps
educational institutions achieve a competitive advantage through effective
collection mechanisms of critical organizational information, flexible
departmental processes, as well as enhanced enterprise communication” – source:
• All AUB requirements, and in particular the Confidentiality, were respected
Blue Highlights (source: eXplorance)
• Blue is: A web based information gathering, sharing and analysis
software, and reporting tool for:
 Blue/ Course Evaluations
 Blue/360 Performance Appraisal
 Blue/Surveys
 Blue/Tests
• Blue is 100% Web-based, allowing:
 Security. Ensure privacy and confidentiality of all data
 Ease of access for every authorized user
(any browser, any input device)
 Integration with existing data sources and IT infrastructure
 Synchronization with authentication infrastructure (i.e. Login access via
your existing employee/ student portal)
 Branding needs (example: Logos, customized reports headers)
Blue Highlights
• Blue enables instructors to add a pool of
optional questions (restricting to a maximum of 3, now)
• Supports team taught courses, cross listed
courses, etc.
• Can be leveraged to power mid-term reviews, i.e.
provide formative evaluation
• Provides live access to response rate information
• Text Analytics option for open-ended
comments (to be implemented at a later stage)
Overview of Definitions
- (source: eXplorance)
Faculty Presentation November 5.
Faculty add items (max of 3), November 5-14.
Student Presentation, November 11.
Go Live Date – Fall 2014-15 (November 17)
User Manuals and Guidelines are available
Access is through AUB NetDB, and fully secured
System closed Midnight of December 9-10.
Grade Hold for students who have not completed
their evaluations.
o Reports will be released early January, 2015.
Initiating email instructing Students to start their related ICE
From: Dr. Karma El Hassan [[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2:51 PM
Subject: Fall 2014-15 On-Line Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE)
Dear Students,
The Fall 2014-15 On-Line Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE) administration will start 21 November, 2014. The system will be closed with
the end of classes i.e. midnight of December 12, 2014.
The ICE is designed to evaluate your instructor, the course and your student development/learning in the course. Your input is essential for
the improvement of the teaching learning process. Therefore, please give the Questionnaire your serious attention and answer questions
To access your ICE evaluations, use below link:
Link to (SITE://
Use your AUB login credentials to access surveys. These will only be used to assign to you the appropriate surveys based on your term class
schedule, and your filled-in survey at submission will be referenced by a random token. Accordingly, all responses you fill-in will be kept
anonymous, so please feel free to express your frank and honest opinions.
You have the option to start, complete and submit OR start, save and return later, and then Submit.
Reminder emails will be sent to ensure that all surveys are completed.
For more information on ICE and how to fill surveys, you can view ICE Manual on OIRA website or use following link
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.
Thank you.
Dr. Karma El Hassan, Director
Office of Institutional Research
& Assessment (OIRA)
You will be displayed with your registered Course Reference
Numbers (CRNs) for the Term along with the Instructor name,
Select the CRN (subject) that you would like to start the ICE for
Available Surveys
• The listed surveys are currently available for your
response. Click on the subject of a survey to either
begin or to complete a survey that you started but did
not complete
• On the referenced options for selection (scale from
disagree to agree levels), rate your class instructor,
course and your student learning/development in the
course by selecting the option which BEST describes
your judgment on each item. If the item in NOT
Applicable, please bypass and move to the next item.
Start the survey and continue with the ‘Next’ button
Mark your response,
‘Save’ to continue later, ‘Previous’ to go to previous form,
‘Next’ to continue
Note your progress at the ‘Progress’ bar
Review Summary of your responses
Do not forget to ‘Submit’
Confirmation of submittal
While maintaining the anonymous status for answering
the surveys, email notifications / reminders will be sent to
fill and/or complete and submit all related surveys
Unfilled and Incomplete
(not submitted) Surveys – Grades Hold
While maintaining the anonymous status for answering
the surveys, Students who did not submit their related
ICE Surveys by the set date deadline, will have a Hold
placed for their related Grade access for three weeks(i.e.
Students cannot view their Grades through AUBsis).
User Sign-On
Select Dashboard to review your related ICE
Select the required CRN (if multi courses for the term)
Response Rate Summary
Thank you
For any Inquiries
[email protected]
Ext 3131/3130

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