Victoria`s Secret Final Presentation

Katherine Gelineau, Leah Tinker, Hannah Woods,
Sarah Sinclair, Georgia Nolen
• Established by Roy Raymond in the San
Francisco area during the 1970s
• 1982 sold to Limited Brands for $4 million
• now worth over 1 billion dollars
• By the early 1990s the largest American
lingerie retailer
• Offers customers choices in clothing,
accessories, fragrances, personal care,
swimwear, and athletic attire
• Operating more than 1,000 stores across the
• PINK - Founded in 2004 over $1billion in sales
in 2010
• International Expansion
• Canada, Middle East, United Kingdom, and
• Business primarily conducted in the
Columbus, Ohio area
Traditional Communication
• Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS
• Markets through nationwide retail stores
• Distributes Victoria’s Secret Catalogue
• Buys commercial spots on major networks
• Organizes and publicizes special events
Online Communication
• Facebook-Over 15 million
• Twitter-Over 300,000
• YouTube-2,584,739 Views
• iPhone, iPad, and Android
Need for Social Media Monitoring
• Strong presence on social media
• Younger Audience
• Blogs
• Monitor Competition (Playtex)
• Keywords
– VS Pink
– VS Fashion Show
– VS Angels
– Lingerie
– Bras
• Addict-o-matic, Social Mention, Moniterr
• Twitter, Blogs, Google Trends
• Source Credibility
SWOT Analysis
• Advertising strategy:
• Catalogues - Over 390 million copies are
distributed in the U.S. alone
• Printed Ads in Magazines & Newspapers
• T.V. commercials
• Annual Fashion Show
• Reaches an audience of over 1 billion people
• Store front/interiors
• consistent with the Victoria’s Secret image
• The Supermodels or “Angels”
• Positive shopping experiences with customer
• Direct Client Contact Centers
• Facebook/Twitter
• Contests
• Established target market
– Not open to growth
• Response to consumers
– Need to be more present in the “conversation”
• Annual Fashion Show
-Utilize social media more
-Blends in, not separate
• Public and the media criticize
VS for promoting
unattainable thinness with
the prestigious “angels”
• Fashion show provokes
numerous complaints about
it being indecent or obscene
and could get fined by the
• Selling a provocative image
that could offend certain
• On Twitter and Facebook they should directly respond to
their fans/followers on a more regular basis.
• Redesign VS home page to make the Facebook link more
prominent and visible, rather than in the bottom right hand
• Create a blog dedicated to directly communicating with
customers to answer questions, solve issues in store and
online, etc.
• Let customers know about coupon scams that spread
through social media and how they can spot fake discounts.
• Participate in the conversation with influential bloggers
who talk about Victoria’s Secret.

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