OER Repository Presentation - Missouri Community College

TAACCCT Grant OER Repository
MoWINs OER Compliance
MCCA Conference - Branson, Missouri
November 6, 2014
Kevin Talbot
St. Louis Community College
Looking for this to meet your TAACCCT OER Mandate?
These are the things we’ve agreed to do –
• DOL Disclaimer on all work developed with grant funds
• Conduct a 3rd Party Curriculum Review with SMEs
• All work developed with grant funds will be licensed to
the public with a Creative Commons license
Priorities for today’s discussion:
I. Marking grant-funded materials with a Creative Commons
(CC) License
II. Uploading CC Licensed materials into SkillsCommons
III. Using SkillsCommons to
search for TAACCCT OER
Complete by 6/30/15
I. Marking grant-funded materials with
Creative Commons Licensing
Applies to:
• Work developed with grant funds, or
• Work already CC Licensed and enhanced with
grant funds, and
• Work delivered in grant-funded programs
Does not Apply to:
• Copyrighted materials utilized in grant-funded
Example of CC Licensed material - STLCC
Creative Commons Licensing
Creative Commons is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range
of creative works that are available for others to build upon legally and to share.
Web address: https://creativecommons.org/
• Creative Commons support 6 different licenses
• Each Creative Commons license ensures licensors get the credit for their
work as they deserve.
• TAACCCT grantees will use the CC BY license
Legally enables sharing,
reuse and remix
Users must attribute your
work in the way you have
License is added to your
work to accomplish both
Added to Microsoft Office
Suite documents
Interactive materials
• Webpages
• Video files
It is best to stage your CC BY licensed documents:
• On a shared drive
• Have a Folder for each Program of Study
• Create a file structure naming convention to name your documents
• Place your documents in the appropriate folder as you go
• Communicate this structure to your team
Example – File Naming Convention:
College_Program Abbreviation_Course Abbreviation_Curriculum Item_Document Name
STLCC_ITHD_IS130_Learning Activities_Hardware Fundamentals Assignment.docx
6 Easy Steps!
Adding a CC BY License to a document
Web address: https://creativecommons.org/
Click Choose a License
This brings up the Chooser
In the box labeled “Help others attribute you!”
• Choose Offline in the “License mark” drop down
The “Non-digital works?” label appears in the box to the right
• The license language will appear in the dialog box
Copy/Paste the license language into your document
• Hit Enter to activate the license link
STLCC Job Aid available!
The Creative Commons Chooser - document
Select Offline
Copy/Paste into
The Creative Commons Chooser - webpage
HTML Selected
Copy/Paste into
The webpage chooser
creates the CC license
machine-readable code
that will be used by your
technical support
individual to update
your web pages.
The license language
can also be edited using
the chooser – in the
“Help others attribute
you!” section
MoWINs Project Website by MCCA Grant Staff licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
II. Uploading CC BY materials into
• Official Repository for TAACCCT OER
• MoWINs participated in early adoption of the
application during the summer
• MHWs and MMWs are entered as Grant Programs
• Here’s the link: https://www.skillscommons.org
• Submissions are the items you
place into SkillsCommons
• Recommend submissions at the
Program level. These will match
your college TAACCCT Product
Inventory. (College Programs of Study)
• CareerOneStop-TAACCCT Finder
for online view of your Inventory
• Individual level submissions are
recommended for materials that will
have more granular search capabilities
• Upload File(s) are Learning Resources
and Program Support Materials that are
attached to your submissions
• Processing submissions/uploads by
program level will feel similar to our MHWs Weebly project
• Logins requested from your MoWINs OER Workgroup member
• Let’s demo a SkillsCommons TAACCCT Repository submission
SkillsCommons Demo
Item Status = Your Submission at the Program or Individual Item level
Bitstreams = Uploaded materials within your submission (attachments)
= Describes the data entered and is the information about
the item content
Recommend your submissions have:
• A very thoughtful Program Description
• Numerous, but very focused Subject Keywords
• Effective Subject Keywords will enable your colleagues across the
country to more easily search and locate your program materials
• Uploaded materials with easy to read file names that follow your file
structure naming convention
• Place your documents in the appropriate folder as you go
• Communicate this model or your model - to your team
You can do this!
Additional Resources SkillsCommons User Guides:
Learning Resources
Program Support Materials
Both have:
Appendix A – Taxonomy
Appendix B – NAICs Codes
Appendix C – SOC Codes
Appendix D – CIP Codes
Embargo Procedure
Screen Cast
Join the Google+ Community:
Videos/Resource links on MCCA Website - Programmatic Documents:
OER Course – SBCTC
Creative Commons
OER Research Hub
III. Searching for TAACCCT Materials in
• Browse and Search without a Login
• Browse
• By Grant Project
• By Authors
• By Subjects
• By Industry
• By Material Type
• Search
• By Keywords
• Maximize results using “quotes”
To Do List MoHealthWINs Teams:
 License and Upload, Get Finished!
MoManufacturingWINs Teams:
 License and Upload, Comply As You Go!
 Start Searching for Program Materials!
Questions or Comments?
Picture on slide 4:
State of Mind by Wang Shein is licensed under CC BY
Picture on slide 5:
Changed Priorities Ahead Sign by R/DV/RS is licensed under CC BY
Picture on slide 23:
Question Box by Raymond Bryson is licensed under CC BY
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