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Brackets Sprint 30 Build
Replace All
Extension Manager, Untitled Documents & Much More Come To Linux
Open With… Brackets [Windows]
Experimental Live Development for HTML
Adobe Edge Reflow (Preview 3)
Design the responsive web.
Edge Reflow CC now connects directly to Photoshop CC. Seamlessly import assets,
content and shapes directly onto Reflow’s surface, creating a starting point for your
responsive designs.
Smart Objects + Images
Import layers, groups and Smart Objects as image assets
into your Reflow project. Simply add ‘.png' or ‘.jpg' to the
layer names in your PSD.
Edge Web Fonts + Typekit
Migrate the desktop fonts in Photoshop to the Edge Web
Fonts and Typekit fonts in Reflow.
Shape Layers + Layer Effects
Rectangular shape layers come cleanly into Reflow, as
HTML and CSS, maintaining rounded corners, gradients and
an ever expanding set of layer effects.
Dreamweaver CC Updated
Color Picker
Cloud Sync enhancements
CSS Designer enhancements
Live Highlight
Context save and restore
Code View improvements
Line number highlighting
Tag and attribute highlighting
Code hinting for CSS Selectors
Keyboard shortcut to move to start or end of current line
Chromium Embedded Framework integration
PHP 5.4 support
This is your app on Web Components
Web Components are a bleeding edge draft to the W3C, proposed to enable the creation
of reusable, encapsulated components for the web. This session is a peek into the
requisite building blocks of components along with a vision of the potential future this
technology could offer to web developers.
In this session, you will learn the terminology, how the pieces fit together and just a bit
about the Polymer project, which allows you to take many of these ideas from theory to
practice today.
Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (MDT)
Regal LA LIVE Stadium 14
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
The HTML5 Developer Conference has grown to become the highest attended HTML5,
JavaScript, and Web Development conference in the world. Providing tracks on
Javascript, HTML5, Apps and Games, client, server, and mobile. HTML5DevConf boasts
renowned speakers and leading edge sessions at the most developer friendly price on
the planet
Sessions October 22 & 23
Training October 21, 24, 25
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