The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle By AVI

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
By AVI : winner of the Newberry Medal
Task 3 : Attorney defending Charlotte to save her life!
For sure innocent and I have my proofs!
Who is Charlotte Doyle ?
Charlotte Doyle is a thirteen-year-old
American lady that sailed on the American
ship ‘’the Seahawk ’’ heading from England
towards her beloved country, the States .
The Trial
Accused of murder, Charlotte is brought to trial
to sit for the judgment of the Captain acting as
judge in front of the crew and the second mate
Keetch where her life is being decided. Either
she will be hanged and proven guilty or she will
go back to her life safely proven innocent!
 I am going to be Miss Doyle’s personal attorney
trying to save her life by proving her innocence
in the following evidences against Captain
Jaggery who is only accusing her of the murder
of Mr. Samuel Hollybrass-the captain’s first mateand of owning the very knife that killed
Charlotte is innocent!
Zachariah gave Charlotte a knife claiming that she
might need it, but she was refusing to take it.
Then, taking the knife secretly, Charlotte hid it
under the thin mattress of her bed. She left the
dirk in her cabin before leaving the cabin and
going to the forecastle.
Charlotte was even afraid to keep the knife with
her, so how would she dare to kill Mr.Hollybrass?
When Charlotte first got the knife, she rushed to
inform the Captain. How would she murder Mr.
Hollybrass knowing that the Captain knows she
has a knife and thus, he may accuse her guilty of
committing the crime then her life may become
in danger? Is Charlotte to that extent a risk taker
or an idiot ?I don't think that she is an idiot and
to that extent a risk taker! Do you think?
Why accuse Charlotte?
 Charlotte rarely goes out of her cabin, and she doesn’t know really well Mr.Hollybrass. There was no direct
contact between Charlotte and him, so this is a simple evidence why Charlotte is not the one who killed
Mr.Hollybrass. Why shall she kill him for no reason?
No one other than the Captain and Zachariah knew that she has a knife. Every member of the crew knew
that Charlotte didn’t kill Mr.Hollybrass, but was afraid to say the truth in front of Captain Jaggery.
The crew knows that the Captain killed Cranick and Zachariah, and they may think that he has killed
Mr.Hollybrass and not Charlotte, but for the same reason they did not accuse the Captain because they were
afraid that he kills them.
Charlotte didn’t have a knife to cut
the rigging in the storm, so Captain
Jaggery gave her one. She lost the
knife when she was cutting the rigging.
It fell. She has no more a knife, so how
would she kill Mr.Hollybrass? In
addition to this, Captain Jaggery
accused her of owning the knife that
killed Mr.Hollybrass!
Charlotte can no more return back if
she wanted to her cabin because the
captain deprived her of doing so since
she chose to become a member of
crew. Unfortunately, Charlotte stays
without a dirk and can’t get one
anymore if she wished to, so the
captain should not accuse her of
committing the crime since she owns
no dirk anymore, and the he said that
the crime was committed with a knife.
Why is Charlotte Innocent and not Guilty?
Many of you readers will ask why I chose and insisted on Charlotte being innocent and not guilty.
To start :
1) First, Captain Jaggery didn’t give us enough proofs on Charlotte being guilty, so for me Charlotte
is innocent until Captain Jaggery provides us with stronger evidences that can convince me and
everybody that she is the one who murdered Mr.Hollybrass.
2) Second, the Captain started saying that Charlotte has a knife, and that she was taught how to use
it and that it is unnormal for a girl to be taught how to use a blade. This evidence is true, but did
not convince me that Miss Doyle is guilty because this piece of information doesn’t prove
anything except a fact that she knows how to use a knife! Furthermore, I think it is not wrong for
a girl to know how to use a blade especially for Charlotte who is the only girl boarding on the
Seahawk, so she needs to defend herself if she ever gets harmed, but it is not mentioned that
Charlotte was harmed so that we can hint that she may have used the knife against someone;
and that Mr.Hollybrass is the one who may have harmed her because he is dead, so she may
have killed him to defend herself.
3) Third, Charlotte being a member of the crew is not related to the murder of Mr.Hollybrass, so
what ? What does it change if she is a member of the crew? Charlotte proved herself worthy of
being of a member the crew by climbing the royal rumble. She deserves what she chose to be
and that has nothing to do with the murder of Mr.Hollybrass.
Don’t you think that after all these evidences I have proven Charlotte innocent and reached a
verdict because my proofs are clear that form a strong defense for Miss Doyle. Captain
Jaggery can’t find any proof that is stronger than these and that can put Charlotte’s life in
danger of being hanged. Charlotte is innocent! I saved her life!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Viva Miss Doyle!
She is now safe.
Guilty  Innocent!
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With the help of the Book :The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
By : Avi
The End!
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