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7 Deciembre 2011
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Definition of a Hybrid Aircraft
“A hybrid aircraft combines the characteristics of heavier-than-air (HTA) technology,
fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, and lighter-than-air (LTA) airship technology.”
– Has an endurance that can be measured in days
– Is capable of landing or taking off with heavy payloads from almost anywhere, including
remote fields, deserts, marshes, harbors or waterways
– Development time and cost is a fraction of a comparable traditional new aircraft.
The Technology
– fully developed and safety tested
– This is not a new aircraft design, but an updated design using today’s technology
During the last seven years, AEROVEHICLES INC. has refined the design and
secured the industry partners necessary to certify and produce the AeroCat
line of hybrid aircraft.
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
AVI Video
Lockheed Martin
SkyKitten I
Sentinel 1000
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Benefits of AeroCat
No Ground Infrastructure Required
Low Capital and Operating Costs
Endurance Measured in Days
Quick-change Payload Deck
Environmentally Friendly
Weather Tolerance
Semi-rigid Design
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Allowable useful load
Maximum payload weight
Range @ maximum payload
Endurance (varies based on payload)
Maximum efficient cruise speed
Nominal cruise altitude
Maximum sustained altitude
Emergency short duration altitude
Largo: 310 ft / 94.4 m
Ancho: 148 ft / 45.1 m
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
41,000 kg
25,000 kg
≥ 1200 nm
≥ 36 hrs
70 kts
1220 mt
3050 mt
3660 mt
Alto: 83 ft / 25.3 m
San Luis, Argentina - Facilities
Air Vehicles Ltd., United Kingdom - ACLS
TCOM, L.P., United States - Helium Envelope
Motive Industries Inc., Canada - Structural Composites
INTI, Argentina - Destructive and Non-destructive Testing
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Zona Franca Justo Daract; San Luis, Argentina
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Zona Franca Justo Daract; San Luis, Argentina
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Market Analysis
Commercial Market
General Cargo
Sightseeing/Passenger Market
Mineral and Petroleum Industry
Heavy Lift and Oversized Cargo
Combatting Wild Fires
Government Agencies:
Border Patrol
Drug Enforcement
Coast Guard Search & Rescue
Disaster and Humanitarian Aid
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Economic Benefits
Benefits at production rate
– Estimated 400 new employees inside the FTZ
– Additional jobs created to support the FTZ
– Production revenue over $480 M
– Ancillary revenue not estimated
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
• Hybrid Air Vehicles
– Teamed with Northrop Grumman
– Purchase orders from Discovery Air Innovations,
– Filed for certification with EASA
• Lockheed Martin
– Sold production rights to Aviation Capital of
Spain Video
– Filed for certification with the FAA
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Management Team
Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board of Directors:
J. Robert Fort; California, USA
Chief Operations Officer / President / Director:
Bob R. Fowler; San Luis, Argentina
Chief Technical Officer / Board Advisor:
Bruce R. Wright; California, USA
Vice President Business Administration / Director and Board Secretary:
M.Sc. Oscar A. Castro Silla; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vice President Operations / Director:
Julian Phillip Beville-Anderson; Queensland, Australia
Vice President Legal / Director:
Federico Wesselhoefft, LLM (EMLE); Madrid, Spain
Vice President Information Technology (IT) / Board Advisor:
Franco A. Scillia Thost; Cordoba, Argentina
Director of Aircraft Certification DNA / Board Advisor:
Jose Maria Vaca; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Director of Aircraft Certification FAA / Board Advisor:
Richard Jensen; California, USA
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Personnel Plan
• 75 employees, to design, build and test the
first AeroCat SUA.
• Approximately 250 employees at full
production for AeroCat assembly
• Additional 150 employees for AVI’s alliances in
the Zona Franca
• Market value salaries
• Profit sharing
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Major Milestones
• Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
Month 5
• Critical Design Review (CDR)
Month 10.
• Hangar Occupancy Month 16
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
• Airworthiness Certificate (Aircraft);
– A standard airworthiness certificate is the certifying agency's
official authorization allowing operation of type certificated
aircraft in its stated category.
– A standard airworthiness certificate remains valid as long as the
aircraft meets its approved type design, is in a condition for safe
operation and maintenance, preventative maintenance, and
alterations are performed in accordance with all applicable
• Production Certificate
– A production certificate is an approval (document) to
manufacture duplicate products under an approved type design
(i.e., type certificate or supplemental type certificate).
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002
Facts, Not Suppositions
• Alliances
• Multi-use Aircraft
• Proven Technology
• Market Confirmed
Future Products
• Second and third generation products will scale up the capabilities of the
AeroCat aircraft to grand proportions: from a 40-50 ton payload to a
notional 250-500 ton payload aircraft, capable of transporting timesensitive cargo trans-oceanic.
 AeroVehicles Inc. 2002

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