Little Miss Cowrafe

Little Miss Cow was a cow in both meanings of
the word. She was always wanting more than
she had and never thought about anyone but
She lived in a very ordinary house with her
husband, Mr Happy.
One day Mr Happy and Little Miss Cow got
invited to a party. Little Miss Cow refused to go
as she didn’t have a nice dress and necklace.
Mr Happy agreed to buy her a dress but
couldn’t afford a necklace, so Little Miss Cow
borrowed one from her friend Little Miss
Mr Happy and Little Miss Cow had a great time
at the party but it was only until after the
party when Little Miss Cow realised she had lost
the necklace.
To avoid embarrassment, Little Miss Cow and
Mr Happy took out a massive loan to buy a
new necklace for Little Miss Sunshine.
To pay off these loans Mr Happy and Little Miss
Cow had to work for 10 years.
Once Little Miss Cow had paid the loan, she told
Little Miss Sunshine the whole story. She
laughed and told Little Miss Cow that the
necklace was a fake.

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