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January 15 , 2014
BASIC Thoughts and takeaways
Cow College / Circle of Wealth
If What You Thought To Be True About Money Turned Out Not To
Be True...
When Would You Want To Know?
About MoneyTrax and the Circle of Wealth® system
 MoneyTrax, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Don Blanton
 The Circle of Wealth® system centers around the concept of helping people avoid
transferring money away unknowingly and unnecessarily.
 There are only two ways for an advisor to help clients with their finances:
1. The traditional method is to review what the client is currently doing and
recommend better products that potentially pay higher rates of return often
requiring increased risk.
2. The second is to help the client be more efficient with the resources they have
by avoiding unnecessary transfers such as interest on debt, credit cards, car
payments, taxes, how you pay your mortgage and how you fund your qualified
retirement accounts.
The Circle of Wealth® system operates under the philosophy that there
is potentially more financial opportunity by avoiding the losses than
there may be by picking the winners.
About MoneyTrax and the Circle of Wealth® system
• This circle represents all the money you will ever have.
• Your Circle of Wealth is larger than some, some are larger than yours.
• There is one thing that we all have in common as it relates to our Circle
of Wealth: We want it to grow.
• Most people have been taught to believe that the best way to do this is
by finding better investments which give better rates of return but
unfortunately usually means taking more risk.
This is where the systems that the program represents begin to
take shape…
Assume that you had to play in the Masters Golf tournament, however you have never
played a round of golf.
You have two choices on how you could play:
• You could have the clubs of any player who has ever played, or…
• You could have their ability, which we will call the “swing”.
Which option would most likely assure you of a win? Of course it would
be the swing. The financial industry offers the tools, the clubs, needed
to play the game. Having the right clubs does not mean you will win.
Time spent on practicing and perfecting the
swing would be the best game plan.
Club Vs. Swing
(Product Vs. Process)
The Circle of Wealth® process focuses on the swing first. Another way to put it is that we focus on the factors that could be eroding
someone’s wealth by not having these products properly aligned, such as inflation, taxes, liabilities, and much more.
3 types of money in your Circle of Wealth:
Accumulated Money:
The dollars you already have saved and are currently saving.
Lifestyle Money:
Money used to support the current standard of living.
Transferred Money:
The dollars that you could be transferring unknowingly and unnecessarily from your Circle of
Wealth, such as; how you pay for your home, taxes, how you fund your pension plan, retirement
plan, how you are going to send your children to college, and expenses like credit cards and car
The programs initial focus is on transferred dollars, allowing the adviser to teach how to increase the
clients Circle of Wealth with no additional out of pocket cost.
Avoiding unnecessary transfers frees up money to save and to increase current lifestyle.
The Circle of Wealth® system consists of software modules designed to create a "Visual Storyboard"
Designed to help your prospects and customers quickly understand how money and wealth really
works. It explores the effects of "transferred money" and the "opportunity costs" associated with
those lost dollars.
Some of the points included revolve around:
• Taxes
• Qualified and non-qualified plans
• Mortgages
• The accumulation and distribution of assets
• The overall wealth-building process
• And of course, the focus on how cash-value permanent life insurance can be a viable and
effective place to "park the money" in a balanced portfolio.
This is an excellent
visual aid that is
referenced throughout
the process…
The Circle of Wealth system is designed to:
Increase Your Client’s Wisdom: Give your client a new perspective on finances, allowing them to see the impact and long-term
effects of day-to-day financial decisions.
Expose Your Client’s Weaknesses: Expose decisions that your client may be making unnecessarily.
Provide Direction and Motivation: Clarify the impact of those day-to-day decisions by providing your client with direction and
incentive to change unhealthy financial practices.
Uncover Opportunities: Open new ways to increase your client’s Circle of Wealth, not necessarily through investments or
"product," but through sound management techniques.
In Conclusion:
• NOT for everyone…Requires a huge commitment of time + money.
• While the concepts and systems are TOP NOTCH, in order to TRULY benefit, as well
as provide a benefit to your clients you must dive in 100%.
• For the right producer, it’s a proven system that DEFINITELY can increase production.
Cost for the FULL SYSTEM:
Annual Renewals:
Additional expenses include training classes, travel, etc…
For more information:
Check out Don Blanton’s Presentation from
Alliance Training: (Training, MGA 2013)

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