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The application of DNA technology
in Animal Forensic and Parentage
Presented by: Ms. N. Mapholi
(MSc in Genetics)
ARC-API: Animal Genetics Lab
• Animal forensics in livestock and game poaching
• Cattle and horse DNA profiling and Parentage
• Species Identification on meat and process meat
• Genetic Characterization
• Genetic Defects tests
• LIDCAT system
• Gene mapping and linkage studies
1. Genotyping
– Microsatellites marker panels
– Species specifics panels
2. Real time PCR
– Primer designed kits
– SNPs assays
Stock theft and poaching
• Microsatellites markers
– Link the crime scene and the suspect DNA evidences
– Parentage dispute cases
– Different marker panels
• Bovine, Horse, Ovine, Goat, Porcine, Buffalo, Impala,
Kudu, Wildebeest, Eland, Sable, Rhino and Blesbok
Chain of custody
Herd of sheep
Crime scene
New case
Gene scan
Thermal cycler
DNA extract
DNA Samples
Results Interpretation
DNA Report
Parentage dispute
• DNA samples from both parents and calf
• Alleged mothers and dispute calf
• It is important to take note that in the
absence of either parent (bull or cow)
paternity cannot be proven.
• Only when both parents are analyzed it can be proven
beyond doubt that the parents are the real biological
parents of the offspring in question
Parentage dispute
Cow 1
Cow 2
Inclusion/ exclusion as possible mothers
Calf 1?
Procedure of sampling hair
Hair Samples
PCR tubes
Genetic analyzer
PCR tray
PCR machine
DNA profiling
• Service rendered to the breed societies
and stud breeders for bovine and horses
• DNA profiling certificates are issued
• Parentage determination for breeding and
selection purpose
• Buffalo DNA profiling – this is new and still
building the database
Real Time PCR
• DNA based technology
• Species identification on meat and processed
meat products
– biltong, wors, patties, sausages, mince meat,
• Species specific primer designed kits
• SNP Assays for genetic defects tests in
bovine and porcine
– Dexter chondodysplasia and Malignant
Genetic characterization
• Most of livestock species haven been
characterized in our lab using microsatellites
• Several multiplexes have been developed
and optimized in our lab
• Lidcat package – for tail hair collection
Information needed on LIDCAT
Animal ID (ear tag number)
Species (cattle)
Breed (Nguni)
Gender (female or male)
Name of the owner (Olivia Mapholi)
Postal address of owner
Contact numbers
Contact details
Ms. Olivia Mapholi
Tel : 012 672 9027/ 9008/ 9187
Fax: 012 672 9214
Email: [email protected]
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