Prometheus and Io

Kamilah & Kamy
Prometheus and Io
Prometheus gives fire to the humans and goes behind Zeus’s back by
allowing man to keep the best parts of the animals sacrificed to the
gods and letting the gods only have the worst parts of the animals
As a punishment, Zeus chains him to rock where everyday Prometheus
has his liver torn apart by an eagle
One day a beast that looked like a cow and had the voice of a girl came
across Prometheus
She wondered why he was chained to the rock and questioned him if
he was there as some form of punishment
It is then that Prometheus recognizes her as the princess she once
was, Io, and they begin to tell their stories to each other
Io had captured the heart of Zeus, and to protect her from the rage of
Hera, Zeus turned her into this creature
However Hera did not believe this was just any cow and made Zeus
hand her over
Hera then gave Io to the hundred eyed Argus who would watch over
Prometheus and Io
Zeus no longer able to watch the miserable Io carry on with her life as a cow,
sent Hermes down to kill Argus
After some time all of Argus’s eyes had shut and he was finally completely
asleep, giving Hermes the perfect opportunity to follow through with Zeus’s
Io was then free, but soon enough Hera found out about the death of Argus and
sent a gad-fly to drive Io to madness
Prometheus tried to help her but there wasn’t much he could do but point her in
the right direction
She eventually reached the Nile where Zeus turned her back into her human
form and they had a son, Epaphus, together
In the future Prometheus owes his freedom to a hero named Hercules, who
turns out to be a descendent of Io
Allusions: Frankenstein because both Victor an Prometheus had good
intentions of creating a new form of life and giving fire to the humans. However
they both ended up creating some negative problems. It also is an allusion of a
love story gone wrong with the ex-girlfriend doing whatever necessary to make
the man’s current girlfriends life as miserable as possible.
Europa – The Goddess of Love
Zeus was shot by one of Cupid’s arrows
and as he was shot he fell in love with
 That same morning she has a strange
vision of two continents disguised as
women trying to posses her.
 Once she woke up, she knew better than to
go back to sleep, so she beckoned to her
girls of the same year to meet her down at
the bay.
 As they were picking beautiful flowers they
were suddenly accompanied by a bull.
This wasn’t just any bull – the bull had
been Zeus; he changed himself into one to
cautiously go to her and protect her.
 He was a handsome bull. He was
welcomed by all the young women. He
kneeled down to allow Europa to climb
onto hi back.
 As she did so, he ran down the shore and
into the water carrying her to Crete wear
she would be safe from Hera.
 Allusion: ???
Higher Level Questions
If you were Zeus, would you have also
turned Io into a cow to try and save her
from the furious Hera? Why or why not?
Why do you think Hera chose Argus to
keep watch over Io?
Would you have also sat right on the
bull that looked like no other or would
you have been more cautious and just
continued picking flowers? Explain your

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