Adult Learning Theory Review

Adult Learning Theory
What was your favorite adult level course
and why?
Care to Share?
The Idea Behind Adult
Children have limited life experience.
Adults have a vast collection of experience.
Adults know what works for them and want to be active in their
Components of the Adult Learning Theory
The Goal
Adults are goal oriented.
They have an idea of what they want out of learning.
What did you want out of your favorite course?
Can you name a shared experience coaches and trainers have
with their front line employees to set a goal?
What is that goal called?
Adults need to know why they are following an action plan
New Hire goal?
Production Representative goal?
Adults need a reason for learning.
Knowledge for Knowledge’s sake doesn't work.
Ex. show how lowering talk time can reduce crt.
Draw a correlation between new lessons and ones already
Take a success or an opportunity from the past and relate it to
current lessons.
The 1st question tonight was meant to do just that, bridge the gap.
Self Direction
Let Front Line Employees guide themselves to success.
The best coachings include rep suggestions.
Get their buy in through participation.
Adults respond better to respect than discipline.
Respect their experience and opinions.
Treat Front Line Employees as equals.
Concepts to prepare for
and measure success.
Motivation: Establish a rapport with the Front line Employee and
set a tone during coachings.
Reinforcement: Positively reinforce correct use of the action plan.
Retention: Front Line Employees must retain what they learned in
their coaching and be able to apply it.
Transference: The ability of the Frontline Employee to use the
information outside of the classroom/coaching.
Original question:
What was your favorite adult level
course and why?
Did it have any of these elements?
Care to share?
Adult Learning
Theory Review
Give Them A Goal
Coaches and Trainers have regular coaching
sessions with our Front Line Employees to
hone their skills and give them a goal we call
Action Plan!
Make It Relevant
Our Front Line Employees want to know how
their Action Plan is relevant to them. We let
them know:
New Hires = Graduation!
Tenured Reps = MCIP and Career Advancement!
Make It Practical
Most adults don’t respond to
knowledge for knowledge’s sake. The
best action plans feature a skill that
relates directly to a Front Line
Employee’s work.
Use Their Experience
Our Front Line Employees have a
wealth of experience just waiting to be
used here at T-Mobile. The most
successful coaching's and trainings
incorporate the life lessons our Front
Line Employees have already learned.
Let Them Direct
The best way to get a Front Line
Employee’s buy-in on their action plan
is to let them have a hand in deciding
how best to achieve it.
Show Respect
Learners always want their viewpoint,
experience, and opinion respected. In our
coachings with Front Line Employees,
respect is our greatest ally, its what makes
the rep feel like an equal and ultimately
makes us a team.
Prepare/Monitor them for Success
Growth within
New Hires
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1st Hires
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1st Hires 63%
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Adult Learning Theory
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