Unit Notes - Powerpoint - Garnet Valley School District

"I walk on untrodden
ground. There is scarcely
any part of my conduct
which may not hereafter be
drawn into precedent." George Washington
Launching a New Nation
Washington's Presidency
Elected unanimously in 1789
Congress creates Cabinet Positions
Alexander Hamilton - Sec of Treasury
Thomas Jefferson - Sec of State
Henry Knox - Sec of War
Washington's Early Precedents
Organize the Judicial Branch
Judiciary Act of 1789
Creates 3 levels of federal courts, defines
duties and relationship to existing state
Pick 1st SC justices
John Jay - 1st Chief Justice
Alexander Hamilton and his 3
Step Plan
Revolutionary War veteran and trusted friend of
Expert in banking and big government
Named Sec of Treasury
Problem: No national economy, no currency and
Rev. war debts
40 mil to citizens, States owe 25 mil and 12 mil to
foreign countries
Step 1
Take care of National Debt
Quickly pay off other countries
Assume most of states debt - Let them
use $$ to build up
Southern states disagree
Compromises by moving capitol to
South (DC)
Step 2
Gain Revenue (Make Money)
Pass tariffs (tax of foreign goods)
Make foreign goods very expensive
Get Americans to buy American
Step 3
Create a National Bank
Create mint and US currency
Create state banks to force
Challenges Facing the New Nation
French Revolution
French fight their own revolution should we help?
Enter war with England
Who should we help?
Federalists - Pro England
D-R - Pro France
Neutrality Proclamation - US will not
take sides with ANY European nations
at war
British Attacking US Ships
US has small navy and being
attacked in West Indies (Caribbean)
Chief Justice John Jay sent to
Jays Treaty
British pay back damages
Leave forts on frontier
US pay back debts
Very unpopular - seen as weak
Spanish Border Issues
No clear border between US and
Spanish Florida
Spain closes port of New Orleans
to US
Pinckney's Treaty - Settles border
and trade disputes with Spain
US southern border is 31* N
latitude and trade is reopened
Domestic Issues
Northwest Territory
Americans settling in the popular NA
Miami chief Little Turtle defeats US in
early battles
General Anthony Wayne takes control
and quickly turns tide
Battle of Fallen Timbers
NA are defeated
Treaty of Greenville - Control of NA
lands to America
Whiskey Rebellion
Hamilton passes tax on whiskey to try to
increase revenue
Hurts small farmers
Revolt against tax collectors - Tar and
Spreads to other states
Washington leads army into Western PA
Rebels flee
John Adams Presidency
Election of 1796
First with Political Parties - Groups to
get people elected and set public policy
Federalist Party
John Adams, Alexander Hamilton
Strong federal government
Located -North and East Coast
Democratic Republicans
Thomas Jefferson
Limit power of central government
Strong state governments
XYZ Affair
Adams wants to reconnect with France
French refuse to see them
3 secret agents ask for 250k and 12 mil loan
Adams refuses and reports back to Congress
calling agents XYZ
What will US think of France?
Quasi-War - Undeclared Naval War
Alien and Sedition Acts
Federalists want war with France
D-R want peace
D-R attack Adams and Feds in newspapers
A and S Acts make it a crime to criticize the Federal
What is this a direct contradiction of?
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Declare Alien and Sedition Acts
unconstitutional in their state
Reference the 1st Amendment
Can states declare federal law
Expires last day of his Presidency

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