Ms Meg Jones, Women and Trade Programme

Partnership with the Private Sector
Ms. Meg Jones, Programme Manager, Women and Trade, ITC
International Parliamentary Conference on the Millenium Development Goals
London, 30 November 2011
Export Impact for Good
ITC improves small business export success in developing
countries by providing, with partners, sustainable and inclusive
trade development solutions to exporters, trade support
institutions and policymakers
Policymakers Support policymakers in integrating the private
sector into the global economy
Exporters Strengthen the international competitiveness of
enterprises in developing countries and transition economies
Trade Support Institutions Develop the capabilities of trade
service providers to support exporters
Economic development and poverty reduction
Increased gender equality
Women have better access to
Women have better
education and health
Increased women’s labour force
participation, productivity and earnings
Current poverty reduction and economic
Mother’s greater control over
decision-making in the household
Improved children’s well-being
Differential savings
Better health and educational
attainment & greater productivity
as adults
Future poverty reduction and economic
Gender Equality, Poverty and Economic Growth (2007), Morrison, Andrew, Dhushyanth Raju, Nistha Sinha. Washington DC. World Bank
Women and Trade Programme - Demand for Women
• National initiatives in government
•Limited data on government
procurement from women
•The majority of the Fortune 500
corporations in the USA have programs
to source from diverse suppliers
• 80% require first and second level
suppliers to report on the diversity of
their USA suppliers*
• 65% intend to develop global supplier
diversity programs in the next 5 years*
* SOURCE: WEConnect International 2011
Women and Trade Programme – Support through
Trade Policy
Mapping gender based constraints to trade and women’s economic
activity in development planning:
- Enhanced Integrated Framework; Tier I, DTISs, Action Matrices and Tier
II Project proposals
- Gender Sensitive National Export Strategies
- Gender sensitive value chain analyses informing sector strategies
Women and Trade Programme – Working with TSIs
• International Federation of Business and Professional Women
- Annual survey to ascertain economic activity of members
- Linking buyers and sellers through partnership in the Global Platform for Action
• International Women’s Coffee Alliance
- Establishing chapters in East and Central Africa
- Leadership and Mentoring Programming launching in Q4 2011
- Women’s coffee brand under development
- Improved access to financial services
• Women in International Construction and Real Estate Development
- Outcome of the Global Platform’s Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum
- Linking women in construction to leverage procurement possibilities and
advocate inclusion of women in the value chain
The Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from
Women Vendors
• Launched September 2010 at ITC’s World Export Development Forum
• 350 members, a combined network of over 50,000 business and professional women, growing
number of trade support institutions, annual purchasing power of over USD700 billion
• Global Women Vendors Exhibition & Forum in China 27-29 September 2011
• Forum and Exhibition in Indonesia at ITC’ s World Export Development Forum, 2012
Create shared value by sourcing from women vendors that offer competitive products and services;
Promote the benefits of sourcing from women vendors, educating multinational corporations on the
business case and return on investment;
Share knowledge on policies and practices to increase sourcing from women vendors;
Support, initiate or improve efforts to integrate women vendors into value chains; and
Report to the Platform for Action Steering Committee on activities and impact via an annual survey
Government Procurement as a Critical Lever
for Development
•Government Procurement is significant, often comprising up to 15% of GDP
•ITC and WTO, Government Procurement Roundtable on Sourcing from Women
Vendors, 17 December 2011, Geneva
Further information
Meg Jones
Women and Trade Programme Manager
International Trade Centre
[email protected]
+41 22 730 0166 (Office)
+41 79 288 0083 (Mobile)

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