Animal Experimentation

Psych - 2013
 There
are pros and cons to the practice of
animal testing.
 Unfortunately, neither seem to fully tip the
scale to a side that pleases everyone –
including the general public, government
and scientists.
 Animals
can suffer psychologically as
 These animals don’t get to live life how
they normally would in their natural
 Some animals are used for research that is
curiosity driven and not for a research
that will lead to a cure or treatment to a
 Major
pro for animal experimentation is
that it aids researchers in finding drugs
and treatments to improve health and
Quotes from Medical Experts
"...animal research is essential to tackling major
21st century health problems such as cancer
and heart disease. Without the use of animals it
would be impossible, in many cases, to
develop drugs or any sort of medical
Professor Sir George Radda
Animal experiments in biomedical research
have allowed us to accomplish many things
n human medicine. With these experiments
we have achieved a longer life span, a
decreased infant mortality, effective
treatments for many diseases, and also the
quality of life has enhanced in general
(American Media Association 76‐75)
"...carefully controlled and planned
animal experiments have made a vital
contribution to the discovery and utility
of the well-known classes of antibiotics"
Keith Mansford
"...the discovery and
development of these and the
other major anti-asthmatic drugs
would not have been possible
without animal research"
Dr David Jack
"...we must support and protect
individuals and companies engaged
in life saving medical research"
Tony Blair
"Animal experimentation has been
essential to the development of all
cardiac surgery, transplantation
surgery, joint replacements and all
Joseph E Murray
"Animal research saves lives,
but wherever possible
alternatives should be used,"
Lord Sainsbury
"Research on animals has
contributed to almost every
medical advance of the last
Department of Health 2001
"There needs to be
clearer communication
for the public about how
valuable it [animal
testing] is.
Lord Robert Winston
 It
is important to remember that principles
and guidelines are put in place to protect
CPA – page 20 (CPA animal
What are your thoughts on
Should humans continue to be allowed to use
animal experimentation?
Are there things that would directly affect you if
particular drugs were never invented?
Are experts taking advantage? Is it too much of a
good thing?
While there are numerous pros and cons of
animal testing, the ethical aspect overshadows
both of them, which means that emotion may be
the ultimate factor in whether a person believes
the benefits of animal testing outweigh the
problems associated with the practice.
 Today
there are many treatments and
cures to diseases – we are centuries
ahead considering the fact animal
experimentation was used
 The life of humans as we know it has
improved and keeps on improving
 As good as this all sounds there is a bad
side to it
 The
world may never agree on this topic,
but know the pros and cons about this
can help you to make the correct
decision on this moral struggle.
 Animals
helping animals – Blood Donor
 Humans helping humans – Donor Cards

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