Introduction The Body Shop Affiliate Program

The Body Shop Affiliate Program
Tradedoubler & The Body Shop
Affiliate Program Introduction
Verity Beard- Account Manager
• Introduction to Body Shop Brand
– Body Shop then and now
– Body Shop USPs and Customers
• The Body Shop affiliate program with TD
General information
Body Shop strengths
Initiatives on the go
Dedicated affiliate hub with FusePump
Results and future focus
The Body Shop Brand Background
Founded in 1976 - Anita Roddick
View to sell affordable cosmetics
made from natural products.
Started with 25 products and handwritten labels
The Body Shop Brand in 2012
Today: The Body Shop sells more
than 1,200 products
Over 2,500 stores
Presence in over 60 markets
Purchased by L’Oreal in 2006 for
estimated $1.4bn
Recent site re-brand
Brand Values
The Body Shop’s values and ethical policies are what they believe really sets them apart
from other cosmetic and beauty brands
Supporter of the Big Issue
STOP campaign against sex
trafficking of young people
Minimal Packaging
Who are the Body Shop Customers?
90% of customers are women
Range of age (18-60) and social
demographic (type B&C)
New focus = attracting
generation Y females:
- Born in 1980s
- Socially aware, tech savvy
and brand savvy
- Affinity to health and beauty
Why sign up to be a Body Shop
affiliate with Tradedoubler?
What’s in it for you?
General Program Information
Launched with Tradedoubler in Q3 2008
CPA is split according to type of customer
– 6% commission on sale from an existing Body Shop customer
– 12% commission on sale from a new Body Shop customer
45 day cookie period
Dedicated Tradedoubler Account Management team:
Verity Beard
Ben Mannheim
Account Manager
Account Director
Rob Kabrovski
Wafae Bouari
Account Manager
Account Assistant
What makes women click on online ads?
The two main reasons why women click on an online advert are offers/competitions
and to find out more about a product.
Q26. To
11 what extent do you agree with the following statements? (Strongly agree / agree) – n= 4482
The Body Shop Offers
Affiliate Program Performance
Opportunity to partner with popular retail brand
Particular success as gift purchases
Two key periods for online sales:
– Mothers’ Day: sees 15% of all online sales
– Christmas (Nov & Dec): responsible for bulk of annual sales
Multi-channel: initiatives on the go..
Online/Offline (in-store) code redemptions
• Opportunity to align online and in-store offers
• Unique affiliate code given to affiliates that can support in-store promotions
• 4% CPA on all in-store sales
• Allowing the brand to use online affiliate partners to drive store footfall
m.commerce site
• Tracking live for affiliates
• 10% CPA for all sales via m.commerce site
Dedicated Affiliate Hub
Hub designed by FusePump and
launched with TD affiliates in
Q4 2011
Benefits and uses of a hub:
• See the complete set of tools
and content available for The
Body Shop all in one place
• Build and deploy bespoke
feeds and content units in
• Keep up-to-date with new
opportunities and
promotional tools
Dedicated Affiliate Hub
AdCreator tool: display of dynamic Ads in form of creative banners
• Updates dynamically according to feed i.e. no manual update needed
• Tracking automatically incorporated through hub
• Select own ad size/ product range/ colour scheme
FeedCreator tool: customize your own Body Shop product data feed
• Create multiple product data feeds for your site.
• Tracking automatically incorporated through hub
WidgetCreator: create a customized banner with which users can interact
• Showcase price, category and product graphic
• Easily embedded on site using HTML code
• Tracking automatically incorporated through hub
EXCLUSIVE to TD affiliates: Coull Videos
• Grab video creative to host on site, showcasing specific/multiple Body Shop ranges.
• Get awarded 8% commission on all sales for all customers using video content
Body Shop Widget
Body Shop AdCreator
Results & Focus going forward..
• Overall program sales: 66% YoY increase
• Overall program revenue: 96% YoY increase
• AOV: £19.19 (2010) to £22.66 (2011) :
18% YoY increase
Future focus:
• NEW customers: we want more!
• Content sites: we want more!
• Competitions: we can do these; let us know what
your idea is & we’ll look into it
Want to work with The Body Shop?
[email protected]
Affiliate Hub:

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