Design your own T2P - theteachercandidate

Transition to Professional Practice
Susan Graham and Anna Zuber
An opportunity to try something different, to
enrich your experience and the skills that you
offer as a teacher
Features of T2P
• “Design your own T2P” based on your goals
• Choose your geographic location
• 10 days to expand your experience and resume
Option A: Community Placement
Why choose a community placement?
• Become exposed to other career routes as an Educator
• Build meaningful community through on-the-job market
• Enhance your understanding of different cultures, communities,
social issues
• Increase your sense of civic engagement and social responsibility
For example…
Social agencies
Non-profit organizations
Community libraries
University and Colleges
Seniors’ facilities
Art galleries
Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
Note: Teacher Candidates with Early Years Specialization are required to do
T2P placements in Early Years’ settings
Option B: School T2P placement
In school ideas…
• Work with a different age or level of students
• Any department where you would like experience
Examples include:
• Special Education Classes
• Guidance Departments
• School libraries
• English as a second language
• Alternate or adult Education
• Private schools
• Early years classrooms
London District Catholic School Board
LDCSB has requested a coordinated T2P
• Do not approach directly
• Submit T2P application requesting LDCSB, indicating what
type of placement
Option C: International CSL
Option C: International CSL
In collaboration with the Student Success Centre, the Faculty of
Education offers 4 international options:
1. Laredo Texas - Habitat for Humanity
2. Peru - Solidarity in Action
3. Poland - Amizade
4. Dominican Republic - Outreach 360
Option D: French Exchange
• Typically available to Teacher Candidates enrolled in the
French programme
• Students from France have recently completed their
practicum placements here in London
• Information will be presented in French courses
Showcase Finale – May 16th
• Displays of T2P placement – opportunity to “showcase” the
organization or school where you completed your T2P
• Final assembly - music, international T2P presentations and
• Informal celebration, chance to say “good-bye”
• Complementary Pizza party
• Celebrate the many successes
of the year!
May 2 - May 16, 2013
What are the goals?
• To try an educational experience which is outside your
teachable area(s)
• To work with a different age group or level of students
• To add skills and/or experience to your resume
• To develop a resource which will benefit an organization and
will strengthen your organizational skills
• To use your teaching skills in a workplace outside of the
T2P Application process
• Begin submitting proposals online after Tuesday Dec. 3rd (application will
be on the blog).
• The registration form requires:
– the type of T2P experience you choose (One of the 4 optionsCommunity placement, School placement, International CSL or French
– what you plan to do and where you plan to do it
– contact information for your “community partner”
– Name and contact information of your Supervisor
– At least 3 goals/objectives
• You will be informed by email once your proposal has been approved.
Application Timeline
November 29th – General Information Session
December 3rd – Information Sessions for International Opportunities (12:30 & 1:30
pm) room 1162
December 3rd – Application system “live”
December 13th – International CSL applications due with non-refundable deposit
to Faculty of Education
December 20th – Confirmations to International CSL applicants by email from
Student Success
February 20th – Due date for submission
Is T2P mandatory?
Can I return to one of my schools where I did my practicum placement?
Is there any money available to help with the international placements?
How is T2P evaluated?
Is my Police Record check still valid for T2P?

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