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SORH New Director Meeting
Community-Based Division (CBD) Update
September 12th, 2013
Nisha Patel, Director, CBD
Kathryn Umali, Deputy Director & Outreach Program
Coordinator, CBD
Community-Based Division (CBD)
11 grant programs & 14 staff
2 primary categories:
Infrastructure development/capacity building
Health care services delivery
Primarily demonstration programs
Funding goes directly to rural communities
All programs are 3-years with the exception of 1
CBD Priorities
Programs under Section 330a of Public Health
Service Act:
 Rural Health Outreach
 Rural Network Development
 Rural Network Planning
 Quality Improvement
 Rural Workforce Development
 Rural HIT
 Rural HIT/Workforce
 Delta States Program
Black Lung & Radiation Exposure Screening
Rural Access Emergency Devices (RAED)
2013 Focus:
 Identify Evidence-based/Best Practice Models
 Push for Sustainability
 Measure Performance
State Office of Rural Health Role
SORH language under Section 330a PHS Act:
“To be eligible to receive a grant, an eligible entity, in
consultation with the appropriate SORH or another State entity,
shall prepare and submit to the Secretary an application…”
SORH language in 330a program funding opportunity
announcements (FOA):
Applicants are required to notify the State Office of Rural Health
(SORH) of their intent to apply to this program.
Applicants must include a copy of the letter or email sent to the
SORH, and any response to the letter that has been received,
that was submitted to the SORH describing their project
Outreach & Education on Programs
Technical Assistance Workshops via webinar
Sharing Information with regional liaisons
Sharing information with SORHs
 Upcoming
funding opportunity announcements
 List of new grantees
NOSORH Webinars
 Presentations
on upcoming funding opportunity
 Presentations on programmatic changes
 Presentation on SORH role and involvement
Questions or Comments?
Nisha Patel, [email protected] or 301-443-6894
Outreach Program: Kathryn Umali, [email protected], 301-443-7444
Network Development Program: Leticia Manning, [email protected]
Network Development Planning Program: Linda Kwon, [email protected]
Delta States Program: Valerie Darden, [email protected]
HIT/Workforce: Janice Mompoint, [email protected]
Quality Program: Ann Ferrero, [email protected]

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