Advantages & Disadvantages of Shopping Mall

By Megan Hultz & Jade Reisland
Shopping Centers
 Group of retail and other commercial establishments
that are planned, developed, owned, and managed as a
single property
Advantages of Shopping Malls
 Many types of stores within one location
 Merchandise assortments available within those stores
 Opportunity to combine shopping with entertainment
 Attract many shoppers
 Large trade area
 Generate significant pedestrian traffic
 Inexpensive form of entertainment
 Customers don’t have to worry about weather
Disadvantages of Shopping Malls
 Occupancy cost are higher than those of strip centers,
freestanding sites, most central business districts
Retailers may not like mall managements control of
their operations
Strict rules governing store displays and signage
Competition within shopping centers can be intense
Similar merchandise sold in a close proximity
Rushmore Mall
 Shopping malls are
classified as either
regional malls or super
regional malls.
 Our mall is classified as a
regional mall because its
less then 1 million square
Rushmore Crossing
 Power Center
 Consist primarily of
collections of big box retail
stores, such as discount
stores like Target,
warehouse clubs, and
category specialist
 Few small specialty tenants
 Many power centers are
located near an enclosed
shopping mall
Specialty Shopping
 Having a convenient
location is not important
for specialty shopping
 Customers are willing to
travel and pay more for
specialty products
Convenience Shopping
 Dons Valley Market
 Is convenient because
they off one stop
 You can buy milk, meats,
vegitables, canned food,
fruit and still have the
convenience of a gas
Store within a Store
 Wal-mart
 Within Wal-Mart you
can also eat at
McDonalds, get your
nails done, a hair cut and
get your picture taken
 Great Western Bank is
also in Wal-Mart
Main Street Shopping Centers
 Traditional shopping area
in smaller towns, or
secondary business district
in a suburb or within a
larger city.
 Occupancy cost are
generally lower because
they do not draw as many
people as the primary CBD
 Fewer people work in the

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