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World Food Day 2012
Welcome to the Press Conference
We will begin shortly.
Before We Begin:
1. Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari for optimal viewing. Please do not
use Google Chrome.
2. Mute your computer speakers.
3. We will mute the phone lines once we begin.
4. Questions will be taken through the chat room throughout the press
conference and answered at the end. Please identify yourself and your
publication with your question.
5. We have a Spanish speaking media officer with us for questions you’d like to
ask in Spanish.
6. In a moment John Rivera will introduce Carolyn Woo who will speak about CRS’
work to feed the hungry and improve food security around the world and how
Catholics in the United States support this work in tangible and meaningful
ways each year.
World Food Day
Press Conference
Carolyn Woo
President and CEO
Catholic Relief Services
October 16, 2012
Almost 870 million people
go to bed hungry.
(1 in 8)
Source: FAO
About 75% of
the world’s
hungry people
depend on
agriculture for
their livelihood.
CRS Works in 98Countries
Use Our Treasure
$150 million committed to agriculture, food and
nutrition programs over 3 years (2012 – 2015)
 CRS and InterAction member agencies will dedicate
a combined total of $1 billion in private funds in
an extraordinary attempt to tackle hunger.
CRS Leads with Compassion and Expertise
Innovations to Fight Hunger
(3 examples)
1. URBAN GARDENS - Help households increase nutrition and
diversified diet year round with easy access, easy to water
raised bed gardens (Lesotho)
2. CONNECT TO MARKETS - Help farmers access larger markets
for greater profits (Ethiopia)
3. ENGAGEMENT - Create a movement of compassion and
engagement in the United States
CRS Rice Bowl
Invites us to live out the
spirit of Lent during the
Year of Faith
12,800 parishes, schools
Turns Faith into Action
Photo by Philip Laubner/CRS
New Logo
Spanish Logo
2013 Theme
Countries Featured in 2013
 Burkina Faso
 Improving Agriculture
 East Timor
 Stopping Tuberculosis
 Lesotho
 Early Childhood Education
 Dominican Republic
 Community Savings Banks
 Pakistan
 Clean Water
 Diocese of Oakland, CA
 Local 25% project
Addresses Hunger Locally and Globally
25% fighting
hunger in U.S.
75% fighting
hunger overseas
Please type your questions into the chat box.
Thank You!
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Lane Hartill/CRS
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Lana Slezic for CRS
Karen Kasmauski for CRS
Philip Laubner/CRS
Elizabeth Martin/CRS
CRS staff
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