CRS/ GDS - MRL 2010

Reservation System /
Global Distribution
System (CRS/ GDS)
Sabre (1957-1960- AA, IBM)
Galileo (1971–UA, 2002-Travelport),
Amadeus (1987-AF, LH, Iberian, Scandinavian),
Abacus (1988-SQ-Consurtium partners),
Worldspan (1990 Delta, NW and TWA, 2006 by Travelport)
KIU (2002, 12 new Airlines in Latin)
All of them was member of IATA and SITA (Société
Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques)
Brief Introduction
A Computer Reservations System (CRS) is a
computerized system used to store and retrieve
information and conduct transactions related to air travel.
Originally designed and operated by airlines, CRSes were
later extended for the use of travel agencies; major CRS
operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines
are known as Global Distribution Systems (GDS).
Airlines have divested most of their direct holdings to
dedicated GDS companies, who make their systems
accessible to consumers through Internet gateways.
Modern GDSes typically allow users to book hotel rooms
and rental cars as well as airline tickets. They also provide
access to railway reservations in some markets although
these are not always integrated with the main system
(from many sources specially Wikipedia)
Found by SQ in 1988, the biggest
CRS/GDS in Asia include Airlines partners
Also owned 25 % by Sabre Inc. in USA
1993 also owned by GA through tourism
minister of Indonesia
1995 PT Abacus Distribution system
Indonesia established till now
1997 opened branch in Surabaya, 2001 in
All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines (checked)
Cathay Pacific Airways
China Airlines
Dragon Air
EVA Airways
Garuda Indonesia
Malaysia Airlines
Philipine Airlines
Royal Brunei Airlines
Jet Star (soon)
Silk Air
Singapore Airlines
Found 1971 by UA under name Apollo
reservation system (merger)
 To gain the potential of Airlines mArket in
USA and prevent form goverments
 2002 owned by Travelport (Worldspan
2006) and 2008 Both of CRS/GDS
datacenter was moved to Atalanta USA
 Now it’s the biggest in Europe
Aer Lingus
Air Canada
British Airways
Swiss Air
United Airlines
US AIrways
Perkembangan GDS/ CRS
Tahun 1974 Garuda mengeluarkan ARGA
yang diambil dari salah satu sistem reservasi
Airlines Asia dan perkembangannya sampai
saat ini
Tahun 1993-94 Garuda membeli saham
Tahun 1998 Galielo masuk
Tahun 2003 KPPU memenangkan Galielo
lewat Vayatour agar Abacus dan GA tidak
memonopoli CRS/GDS tetapi market (Travel
Agents tetap memakai Abacus karena
penggunaan 12 Airlines yang sangat intensif
Quiz/ Question for today
How well did you know about CRS/GDS ?
What’s the differences between CRS and
How did you know about Abacus and
Galielo ?
Would you like to tell us how to operate
them? Is it same with operating Modzilla,
windows explorer or other web system?
Do you know about Business Inteligence?
Home aasignment
Find out and read more about CRS/GDS in
the world today
 Find out and make a brief analysis
between CRS and GDS that used by
Airlines or Travel Agent
 What about or have you herad them
before? Make a future strategy analysis
about it.

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