Documentation and Additional
Alexander Mack
EU-SILC Data as provided by Eurostat
Generating a working Dataset
Documentation from Eurostat
GESIS Services for European Microdata
Other Tools and Resources
1. EU-SILC-Data as provided by
• Data are delivered on a DVD and are
• Software for decryption WinPT and
instructions are provided with the CD
• The following screenshots show you
what’s on the CD
1.Latest Eurostat DVD
1. Subfolder for the 2010 Cross
1. Example .csv File
1. Documentation Subfolder
1.Documentation - Guidelines
1. Documentation – Differences
between Data collected and UDB
1. Documentation – Problems and
2. Generating a working dataset
• The German Microdata Lab offers setups to
generate SPSS and Stata files complete with
variable- and value labels and a uniform
coding scheme for missing values
• Got to:
• Or just google: gesis EU-SILC
2. GESIS Setups
• The setups provided by the GML:
• Transform EU-SILC data from .csv into .sav
(SPSS) or .dta (Stata)
• Recode alphanumeric variables into numeric
• Recode missing values
• Define variables and value labels
2. GESIS Setups
• Setups are provided online and free of
• Setups currently cover SILC cross
sectional data from 2005-2010 and the
Panel Data from 2007 onward
3. Documentation from Eurostat
• Eurostat pages on income social inclusion and living
conditions: Core page on EU-SILC which hosts
additional documents such as quality reports and
national questionnaires
• EU-SILC Microdata Access: Everything you need to
know to file an application for data access with Eurostat
• Eurostat Metadata on Income and Living conditions:
Comprehensive Metadata on EU-SILC
• Aggregate Statistics from EU-LFS: Section in the
Eurostat Statistics database dedicated to EU-SILC
3. Documentation from Eurostat
• Guidelines: Central reference document, but refers to
data as collected not UDB
• National quality reports: Document data collection in
countries and whether EU guidelines were fulfilled
• EU quality reports: Integrated quality reports
• National questionnaires
• Dataset description: Working report which contains
information on computation of derived variables
4. GESIS Services for European
• European Microdata pages at GML:
• Offer information, links and tools pertaining to official EU
• Provide setups for generating SPSS and Stata files for use
with EU-SILC and EU-LFS
• The EU microdata list which will keep you posted on all
matters pertaining to European Microdata
• The European Microdata Users conference where you can
present your research and connect with likeminded scolars
• Starting in 2014 our Microdata information System MISSY will
include Metadata for EU-LFS and EU-SILC
5.Other Tools and Resources
• EUROMOD: Tax-benefit microsimulation model
which allows calculation of the effects of taxes and
benefits on household incomes and work
incentives (ISER)
• Net-SILC: Network for the analysis of EU-SILC.
Hosts conferences and produces methodological
papers on the EU-SILC.
• NSD Macrodata Guide: Organized Collection of
Sources for Macro Data for Cross National
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