Registration Presentation, Club Managers Meeting

Seattle United
Managers’ Meeting 2014
What managers need to know about
Some Basics
• Membership
– USYSA (through WYS and SYSA)
– US Club (as needed for participation in NWCL or other
USClub events)
• Contact for registration matters:
– Seattle United & SYSA– Paige Blomsø
[email protected]
• USYSA Seasonal Year – September 1 – August 31
• USClub Seasonal Year – August 1 – July 31
Player Requirements to Practice/Play
Current year registration (2013-14)
Birth certificate
Payment in full or payment plan for 2014-15
Medical release – hardcopy to manager/coach
For new players or tournament guests, there is
the $25.00 insurance registration as needed.
• New players = former USClub participants (ECFC
or Celtic primarily) or those from out of state.
Completing Current Year Registration
• List of players needing to submit birth
• List of players needing prior year insurance
• Payment issues – deal with individually
• Note on family privacy: Financial matters are
dealt with between the club and each family.
Team volunteers will be informed only as
Coach/Manager Registration
–All Coaches/Managers – must register in Korrio or
Affinity, depending on age group.
–National Background Check Required – through
Affinity and
–Not rostered to team until both steps are complete.
WYS/USSF sanctioned
– 2013-14 Registration required
– Rosters need to be signed
• Review tournament rules to see what is required
• Email to SU Registrar
– List of team members who will not be playing
– And legal names, birth dates of guest players
• Rosters requests due the Tuesday prior to the tournament.
– Player cards usually not necessary unless out of state
– Out of state – Paige files intent to travel form. Notify
her as soon as you have a chance of your team’s
summer travel plans.
US Club Tournaments
• US Club tournaments that are not WYS
– see – Tournaments for the list of
sanctioned tournaments.
– Confirm that individual tournament did not purchase
‘tournament-wide insurance’
– Get a US Club login from SU Registrar
– Cards required ($18 each) for each player and coach
– Import players as .csv file
– Release required from previous team
– Import/upload birth certs and photos for card.
League Registration
• Premier teams play in the RCL.
• Club registrar will register/submit all teams for
RCL league registration.
• Select Teams play in the NPSL.
• Team managers must register their team for the
• NPSL league registration instructions to be emailed by June 15.
• Club will pay all league registration fees.
The WYS Player and Coaches
Membership Pass
• The WYS membership pass, formally know as the player card,
denotes that you are a member of the largest youth sporting
organization in the United States. The "Pass" entitles you to
participate in sanctioned WYS and US Youth Soccer Leagues, State
Cups and Summer Tournaments.
• As an adult team staff member, the "Pass" indicates that you have
passed the WYS Risk Management Acceptance Program. The "Pass"
will provide proof that all of your players are properly registered
and are age appropriate. You may obtain a membership pass from
your association registrar.
• To be valid, a membership pass/player card must have a current
photo of the player, be signed by the player and be
laminated. Membership pass/player cards are valid for the entire
seasonal year from September 1 to August 31, and will be used for
participation in league play, state cup and summer tournaments (as
Player Cards
• Prior year cards used until 8/31/2013 – get
them from previous team
– Not team specific
• SYSA will distribute 2014-15 cards to team
managers in mid-August
– Team specific
– But Player Pass allowed in RCL & NPLS play.
How to Prepare Player Passes
• Verify that all information on the front of the pass is correct
Legal names must be used
• Paste 1 x1 current, identifiable picture of individual named
on the pass to the backside.
• Sign your name on the backside of card where it says
"Member sign here " This must be the individual whose
name appears on the pass. No one may sign for them.
• Laminate card- *REQUIRED
• Attach all the passes, both coaches and players, on an "O"
ring so they can be kept together and handled easily by the
State Cups
• Different Deadlines based on gender, age and
which cup
• Seattle United will pay the fee for all Premier
teams, select teams will pay their own fee.
• – Tournaments – State Cup
• Registrar will register all teams for state Cups.
• Club will pay WYS for all RCL teams.
• Select teams now pay State Cup fees; they will be
invoiced by Seattle United.

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