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February 5th 2014
Best Practice Workshop: UIC leaflet 930 energy data exchange
Status implementasjon and use of UIC leaflet 930
Gunn-Helene Krogstad
System administrator Eress
Implementation of UIC leaflet 930
Eress was a active part of the workgroup and creating the UIC Leaflet 930
Implementation started early 2009
First communication though the Exchange module on the rules of UIC and
implementation guide was receiving data from Saphymo for SNCF summer
of 2009.
Adjusted communication between the Eress partners to UIC leaflet 930
Possibility to exchange data on FTP/SFTP and SMTP
Mostly used is FTP/SFTP
Infrastructure managers Erex are exchanging data with
 Jernbaneverket (Norway)
 Trafikverket (Sweden)
 Trafikverket (Sweden)
 Jernbaneverket (Norway), Banedanmark (Denmark)
 Banedanmark (Denmark)
 Trafikverket (Sweden)
 Infrabel (Belgium)
 DeucheBahn (Germany),Vivens (Netherlands in testing), RFF receiving (testing only)
 Finland
 No exchange but receiving data on UTILTS format from DCS
 Network Rail
 Sending data for train operator Virgin Rails for billing
 Sending and receiving data
 Receiving data for test of ÖBB data
Interface between Erex and Metering systems
Railway Box, FTP to Erex connection, pushed UTILTS, once a day
Mors Smith EMS & Saphymo DHS, FTP connection to Erex for SNCF and
SNCB with Saphymo GAIA system, UTILTS pushed once a day
Soprano EURO box, FTP connection to Erex from Socle, UTILTS dummy
message once a day not yet good quality metering data received
Elster (former Energy ICT ), FTP connection from our own DHS, UTILTS
messages also FTP connection with the Network Rail Energy ICT (Elster)
Saira(former Far Systems), FTP connection for Belgian Railway undertakings,
UTILTS messages pushed once a day
Alstom TMS delivery system, delivering for Virgin Rail, csv file, pushed twice
a day, SMTP (translated by Erex into UTILTS)
Solvera Lynx tested not receiving daily
UniControls in progress by developing for testing

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