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Using Mobile Devices for GPS Data
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What is…
What is Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is a general
term used to describe a new class
of network based computing that
takes place over the Internet,
– A collection of networked
hardware, software and
Internet infrastructure.
– Using the Internet for
communication and transport
provides hardware, software
and networking services to
clients or mobile users.
– These platforms hide the
complexity and details of the
underlying infrastructure from
users with simple graphical
What is Cloud Computing?
 In addition, the platform provides on demand services,
that are always on, anywhere, anytime and any place.
 Pay for use and as needed
– Scale up and down in capacity and functionality.
 The hardware and software services are available to
– general public, enterprises, corporations and
businesses markets.
 Downloadable to mobile computing devices, i.e. phones,
tablets, handhelds GPS devices, laptops, etc.
Cloud Summary
Think of Cloud computing like an
umbrella used to refer to Internet
based services and development
A number of characteristics define
cloud data, applications services and
– Remotely hosted: Services or data
are hosted on remote
– Ubiquitous: Services or data are
available from anywhere.
– Commodity: The result is a utility
computing model similar to that of
traditional utilities, like gas and
electricity - you pay for what you
would want!
Trimble TerraFlex
Field to Cloud Data Collection
Trimble TerraFlex Basics
 Cloud based solution
for mobile field data
 Works on iOS and
 Subscription based.
 User centric.
TerraFlex on Trimble hardware
 Can work on the
– Geo7 and Geo6000
– Juno 3 and 5
 Utilizes real time
 Integrate a laser
range finder.
The TerraFlex Solution
 A software platform for field data collection
Cloud: Data, Project, and User
– Form template definition and
– Project creation and
– User management.
– Data management and importArc XML /export- Arc XML,
KML & KMZ, and CSV
Mobile: Data Collection and
– Form fulfillment
– Collect Feature
– Dynamic syncing
Mobile Data Collection
Keep Data Organized
– Group field data collection
assignments into projects and
assign users too individual projects.
Keep in Sync
– Field data is automatically synced to
central server, streamlining office
operations and increasing
productivity and cost savings. Stay
in field.
Work Anywhere
– Data collection is fully functional
offline. When back in cell coverage,
data automatically syncs back to
Office Operations
Fully Managed Database Administration
Streamlined Data Management
Drag and drop interface for easy form template
creation. Group and organize fields for simple
navigation of forms for quick data entry.
Form Versioning
Projects can be viewed with spatial or data views.
User can sort, filter, and export by form attributes to
manage large datasets.
Quick Template Set Up
No need to focus on managing the database. It is
done for you to allow you to focus on daily tasks.
AS project needs change over time, data integrity is
ensured. Forms can be edited and sent to team as
project requirements change
Manage the team
Administrators have the ability to set up user
permissions that allow varying levels of access to
field and office components.
How Do You Get Started
Set Up A TerraFlex Cloud Account
Set up your Data Collection Projects
Set Up on Your Users Field Devices
Trimble TerraFlex Workflow
Create and
Trimble Connect
Work Assignment/ Data Collection
-Cloud Management
Trimble Connect
 Provides digital and aerial maps
of the service area and the
assets / locations of interest.
 Enables dispatching of
resources to a location(s) and /
or to an asset(s) for completion
of different forms of work
including inspections, repairs,
maintenance and data gathering.
 Provides progress information
from the field enabling the work
manager to make informed
Trimble Connect
Mobile App
Bring spatially accurate asset maps
into the field.
Operate Online and offline - enabling
the field crew to continue working
when bandwidth is unavailable.
Run on smart phones, tablets and
Trimble ruggedized GPS accurate
Include photographs, lines, points and
polygons in the work report from the
Use Workflow rules to make gathering
data straightforward and simple.
Trimble Connect
Cloud App
 Embedded Trimble and ESRI
technology for optimally accurate
spatial data.
 Work in a web browser - allowing
access from anywhere.
 Display the most recent status of
crews and work at all times.
 Dispatch work to crews quickly
and easily.
 Easy and fast to setup.
Leverage Esri ArcMap tools
 Connect to the cloud via
secured map services.
 Manage your network assets
locally and synchronize GIS
updates to the cloud.
 View and analyze GIS data
collected using Trimble
Connect directly in ArcMap.
 Build reports and create graphs
using built-in ArcMap tools
Trimble Connect Core Apps included in the standard license
Water Mapper
Hydrant Inspector
Leak Repair
Map Book
Valve Inspector
Manhole Inspector
Incident Repair
Meter Change-out
Geo Jot
From field to final reports
Developed by Geospatial Experts, Geo
– Can be used on Apple and Android
smart phones and tables for quick
data collection in field.
– Automatically transfer photos and
data to the office via the cloud.
– Process data in the office for
creating reports, maps, and database
– Manage teams; add, revoke, and
transfer licenses between Apple and
Android devices.
 Pole audits
 Asset location &
 Bridge Surveys
 Disaster Response
 Compliance Monitoring
Team Focused
Simple app interface for minimal
– Create task lists in office.
– Pick lists endure accurate
and consistent data.
– Email lists to field teams.
– Transfer data via the cloud
to office automatically.
Data management
Data management tool
– Enforce consistency and quality
– Create water marked photos.
– Produce customizable reports- Word,
– Generate maps
 ESRI shapefiles, Geodatabases
 ArcExplorer files
 Run inside ArcGIS
 Create Google Earth files
– Prepare data for input into database.csv and MS Access files
Database & Systems Integration
QA/QC data.
Database ready data for:
Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2,
MS Access.
Photo data ready for enterprise
SAP, Asset management, ESRI
Enterprise Geodatabase, IBM
Map Layers/encoded photos.
A GPS Tool
 Increases GPS Accuracy on
iPhones and iPads.
 Display GPS location and
accuracy on screen.
 GPS accuracy warning.
 GPS lock functionality.
 Integrate laser rangefinders
on Androids.
Data Collection
Collect data and photos with the
greatest accuracy from the
equipment your team already owns
or will own.
If your field staff can use their own
phone or tablet, they will be able to
use this app.
Share attribute lists between
devices for consistent data
Quickly upload data for QA/QC and
ESRI Collector
Take maps with you
Allows user to take maps from
off to the field via a smart phone
or tablet.
Prepare map with ArcGIS
Desktop and push to cloud.
Take your maps and data offline,
and sync your collected
information once reconnected.
Data Collection
Find places, plan routes, and get
With map driven forms you
improve data quality.
Share photos and videos.
Collect points, lines, and area
Sync data back to
Your Choice of Mobile Device in the Field
Leverage Trimble’s ruggedized high accuracy GPS handheld
devices. Or bring your own device (BYOD)
Introduce new users to the
benefits of mobile data collection.
Move users up the value chain as
their needs become more
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