Grassroots and PAC Fundraising Plan to Win

Grassroots and PAC
Plan to Win
• Political and Legislative strength lies in our
ability to organize grassroots advocates.
• This is not a creation of new political programs
• Combined all of our grassroots efforts into one
plan so we can maximize our success.
Three Main Priorities for Credit Unions
• Grassroots
• Political Action
• Communications
• Attend meetings with elected officials and plan to
attend GA conferences and other legislative
• Project Zip Code
• Assign a political liaison
• Respond to League initiated Action Alerts (Send
them to staff and volunteers and ask them to
Political Action Priorities
• Sign and return credit union’s permission
• Know you PAC Goal
• Tell the league if you are willing to communicate
on political issues
• Get involved and become a key contact
• Regular communication on issues and advocacy
• Engage in social media, and make political
issues a part of it.
• Find Earned Media Opportunities
• Identify positive stories about CUs
Where do chapters fit in?
• Host a legislative night with your local
• Provide your chapters with updates on key
legislation that deals with credit unions
• Sign up on our league website to receive
communications from the league.
• Become involved in fundraising for the LSCU
PAC Fundraising
Why Contribute to the PAC?
• Contributions to candidates are an expected and integral
part of Political and Legislative Advocacy.
• Gives credit unions the strength in the political arena so
we successful in the legislative arena
• Put simply, allows the league to contribute to candidates
who are friendly to the credit union movement
What are the league’s PACs?
• Alabama Credit Union Legislative Action Council
• Florida Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC)
• Separately funded. Funds from one PAC cannot be
used by the other PAC.
How can chapters raise PAC money?
• Host special events (golf tournament, hunts, etc.)
• Chapter Night Raffle
• Candy bar sales
• Charity Match Program
• Get chapter credit unions involved in LSCU PAC
LSCU Governmental Affairs Staff
Will McCarty
SVP, Governmental Affairs
866.231.0545, ext. 2137
[email protected]
Jared Ross
Director of Legislative Affairs
866.231.0545 ext. 1012
[email protected]
Jason Cochran
Director of Legislative Affairs
866.231.0545, ext. 2159
[email protected]
Andy Gonzalez
PAC & Grassroots Coordinator
866.231.054, ext. 1010
[email protected]
Blake Westbrook
PAC & Grassroots Coordinator
866.231.0545, ext. 2164
[email protected]

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