Standardized Testing Rebuttal

Standardized Testing
by: Missy, Sharon, Kim, and Kelly
• Standardized testing has been
scrutinized by many critics.
• This presentation should clarify some
misconstrued perceptions of
standardized testing
• Some issues related to Standardized Testing
• 1. Assessment reform
• 2. Standards
• 3. Accountability
• Assessment reform has an influence on
school curriculum . (Gulbahar H. Beckette and Lionel Brown.)
• Standardized Testing measures
– Student performance
– Encourage change
• In staff
• Materials used to teach students
All students, regardless of socioeconomic status, race or disability,
should be expected to meet common standards that challenge them
to acquire content and skills that are more than just minimum
requirements. (
Survey done by National Board on Education states:
– Teachers support State mandated test.
– Feel test follows the curriculum all teachers should be
• Standardized testing accounts for what
students are learning.
• Compare student performance
• Who should be accountable
– Teachers and Administrators.
– Don’t play the blame game
Consequences of Removing Objective
• Social Promotion
• Remedial Programs in college
• Increase in teacher grading(The war against
standardized testing, Richard P Phelps.)
“Teaching to the test”
• As a result of the overvaluing of test results, the
curriculum has narrowed.”(Nichols & Berliner,
2008) Teachers are teaching to the test.
• “Standardized test are used diagnostically not to be used as a
curriculum guide.”
• Teachers should create curriculum around what is going to be
• Teachers should focus on
– Weaknesses.
– Opportunities to excel.
Bias in Standardized testing
• Standardized test are not meant to be biased
• The Writers- are members of multicultural and multiracial
• Item Reviewer-look for unfair materials to minority groups
• Item sensitivity committee- represent minority groups and
focus on educational assessment materials that might be
unfair to minority groups.
Defending standardized testing By Richard P. Phelps( pg.100-101)
The test were created to assess what the students know,
how they are being taught the material, and how they
compare to other schools. The test are also given to
see what schools need to work on, to set higher
standards, to teach the students in a way that they will
learn the material not just memorize it. The Goal should
be to teach students the skills they will need to prosper
in the future.
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