Roanoke, Jamestown, and the Starving Time

Reasons for English Colonization
• England hoped to find gold and silver in
America (Mercantilism)
• England wanted to get raw materials from the
New World (Triangle Trade)
• England wanted new markets to sell its
manufactured goods (Triangle Trade &
Roanoke Island (Lost Colony)
• Sir Walter Raleigh asked
Queen Elizabeth of
England if he could lead a
group of people to begin a
colony in the USA.
• Queen Elizabeth gave
Raleigh a charter (a
document that allowed
colonists to live on land
owned by their country.)
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Roanoke Island (1st Time)
• In 1585, the first English
people tried to begin a
• This became the 1st
English colony in the USA.
• It failed due to hunger
and bad relations with the
Native Americans.
• All but 15 men went back
to England on a ship.
Roanoke (2nd Time)
• England returned in
August 1590 to find
no colonists on
Roanoke Island.
• On one of the trees
was written
• Croatoan was the
name of an island
nearby as well as the
name of the Native
Americans living in the
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Roanoke (2nd Time)
• The English attacked
the Native Americans
for revenge.
• They were defeated.
• They abandoned the
colony and returned
to England
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The Virginia Company
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• In 1606, King James I
gave permission to
the Virginia
Company of London
to try a colony.
• The Virginia
Company was a
Company where
investors bought
shares in the
company and shared
the profits.
Jamestown Colony
• On May 14, 1607, the
settlers began building
the first English
permanent settlement
on the James River in
• Jamestown was named
after the King James I
and Virginia was named
after the Virgin Queen
of England.
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Jamestown Colony Jamestown was
about business
• The colonists of Jamestown were not seeking
religious freedom.
• They were hoping to get rich quick!
• Most of the men who first settled there were
soldiers and fighters.
• They did not expect to have to work the land.
Reasons for Jamestown
• Not educated in how to plant food in
• Bad location for farming
• Not enough people in the Jamestown
settlement especially hard working
• Native American Battles
• Many settlers starved
Starving Time
• Jamestown depended on ships from England
to supply it with what it needed to survive.
• While they waited for the ships to return,
many men starved.
• This was known as the “Starving Time”

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