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Senior Management Briefing
Children’s Division 0-19 Vision and the
Children’s Division Business Plan
Nicky Adamson-Young – Children’s and Families
Divisional Director and Strategic Lead for
Our aim:
To provide a service which enables children, young people
and their families to stay safe, be healthy and achieve their
full potential from 0-19 years
Our Vision
To provide the best children’s services in Hampshire. By:
Helping children and young people lead good and healthy lifestyles, so
that they stay healthy and grow into healthy and happy adults.
Offering the best support for children young people and families who
need extra support to stay healthy
Protecting children and young people by helping them to stay safe
Continuously working to improve our services by listening to what
children and families want
To become an Integrated Children’s services division
Our strategic aims:
To work together to offer the best help and care for Children and Families
To increase the number of qualified Health Visitors
To listen and respond to children, young people and families and involve them in future
planning to help improve our services.
To provide an excellent Healthy Child Programme 0-19 to all our children, young people and
To ensure that all services offered are right for the child and provided using evidence based
care and are of a high quality and standard
To work with partner agencies to assist and support children with additional and complex
health needs
To liaise with other professionals, to ensure we provide integrated Childrens services
By using an integrated pathway approach to improve transition from child to adult services if
they have additional health needs
By making sure our staff have the right skills and training to allow them to do their job safely,
effectively and efficiently
By providing services that respect and take notice of children and families
Quality and Governance
Liz Taylor – Clinical Service Lead
Quality and Governance
Quality strategy
Organisational learning strategy
Nursing AHP Clinical strategy behaviours
Engaged staff
Identification of risk
Clear direction action plan
What are the benefits/gaps?
Share learning
Challenge assurance and innovation pathway continuous
Quality and Governance
Triangulation risk: Data; Brusing; Maternity;
Waiting times; capacity expectation
Innovation: LEAN; Evidence Based Practice;
PROM outcomes
Service improvements: Action Plans
Assurance: CQC; Self Assessment; The How,
What, Why and When
Caz Maclean – Children’s Safeguarding Lead
What’s new?
SPOC – single point of contact
Supervision Hubs
Integrated Level 2 Safeguarding Training
Review of Bruising Protocol
For the future…..
Involvement in MASH – Multi-Agency
safeguarding Hub
Corporate Safeguarding – “Think Family” team
to respond as a whole including to
Independent Management Reviews/ Serious
Case Review.
Operational 0-19 pathway
Ginny Taylor – Operational Service Lead
Health Visiting Service - Highlights
Final phase of Call to Action
Over 160 SCPHN trained
Over 20 external qualified HV’s recruited
Improved compliance, patient experience and quality of
service offered
Innovation and service developments – champion roles
Implementation of ASQ and Promotional Guide – audits
Partnership work – CC’s Strengthening Partnerships tool; GP
links; midwifery liaison
School Nursing Service - Highlights
Commissioning now with LA refocus public health service
delivery to HCP – 5-19
Review of service moving to planned tender 2014
Health questionnaires - work with RiO to improve data
collection and reporting
Record management - clinical safety improved through HV
transfer and archiving process
Quality service improvements – training for schools;
medicines management; competencies
Patient experience development for children and young
Focus on information flow from external sources – work to
improve quality and reduce risk and workload
Children’s Therapies
Katie Linaker – Children’s Therapy Manager
Children’s Therapy Delivery 2014-17
Single point of access
Children’s centre
focused delivery in early
Reduction in school age
Care plans linked to
care pathways and
Integrated Partnership Working
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