FBI IT Triple-S Features

FBI Information Technology Supplies
and Support Services (FBI IT Triple-S)
About Phacil
FBI IT Triple-S
Phacil is an award-winning
ISO 9001:2008 certified
Government Contractor,
performing certified ISO/IEC
20000-1 and CMMI Maturity
Level 3 work on contracts. The
Company provides a full
spectrum of information
technology (IT) services to US
Civilian and Defense agencies.
To address numerous FBI and DOJ IT programs
and projects of varying scope and complexity
annually, the FBI IT Triple-S basic ordering
agreement (BOA) will provide coordination and
uniformity in the FBI and other DOJ agencies’ IT
acquisition process. The BOA simplifies ordering of IT
Hardware / Software and
Related Services
Configuration management
Network and physical security
Test and evaluation
IT Subject Matter Experts
(SMEs) and consultants
Operations and
Maintenance (O&M)
Hardware / software O&M
Server maintenance
Database services
Data center management
Technical and Development
Science / lab technical
Biometrics SMEs
Rapid prototyping
Operations testing and
• Training
• Process improvement
• Warehousing / distribution
And More…
services with pre-qualified vendors while reducing
procurement lead time and the cost of preparing and reviewing
FBI IT Triple-S is available for use throughout DOJ, offering
various features and benefits.
FBI IT Triple-S Features
Supports a $30 billion ceiling with a
maximum order of $50 million over
8 years under a single task order
request (TOR)
Robust program activity facilitates
growing participation, continuously
increasing high quality available
Offers a 1-year base period plus 7
optional exercisable 1-year periods
Enables long-term planning of
large-scale program requirements
Contract types include firm fixedprice (FFP) and time-andmaterials (T&M)
Contract type options ensure best
use of budgetary resources
Task orders (TO) and/or delivery
Allows for flexibility to have
orders (DO) issued under this basic incentives and disincentives
ordering agreement (BOA) may be incorporated
performance based
No fee to DOJ customers, and task
orders awarded within 2-months
Reduces acquisition costs and lead
Access to vetted small businesses;
52% of the 46 prime contractors
are small businesses
Task orders awarded to small
businesses can help toward
agency small business goals
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Executing Excellence On-Time and On-Budget
FBI IT Triple-S Contracting
Barbara Rogers
Contracting Officer
[email protected]
Gary Bumgardner
Contracting Officer’s Technical
Representative (COTR)
[email protected]
Phacil Contacts
The FBI prides itself on delivering the highest caliber of national security to
protect American citizens. By devoting a similar depth of detail, commitment,
and pride to that of FBI employees, Phacil personnel continually deliver
optimal IT support and solutions to US Civilian and Defense agencies.
Phacil will design, engineer, and implement comprehensive solutions using
quality best practices and approaches based on CMMI, ITIL, IEEE, and ISO
20000. The Company has a proven and demonstrable track record that will
always fulfill the FBI’s mission of Anytime, Anywhere, On-Time, On-Budget.
Phacil Government Customers (IT services)
Department of Justice
Department of Housing
and Urban Development
Defense Technical
Information Center
Department of
Department of State
US Army
Department of
Department of the
US Navy
Department of
Homeland Security
Veterans Affairs
US Marine Corps
Lori Fischler
Senior Director, Strategic
[email protected]
Nicholas Hopchak
Business Developer, Civilian
[email protected]
Kyle Shoemaker
Business Developer, Civilian
[email protected]
Casey Taylor
Business Developer, Defense
[email protected]
Adam Nash
Business Developer, Defense
[email protected]
Washington Business Journal – Top
Government Technology Contractors
ISO /IEC 20000-1:2011
GSA – Group Technical Excellence
ISO 9001:2008
MDA – Award for Excellence in
Business Administration
CMMI Maturity Level 3 – SVCS
CMMI Capability Level 3 – PPQA, REQM
CRN – Solution Provider 500
Microsoft Partner Network
Team Phacil Partners
Keeping up with the wide range of potential technical tasks and FBI IT
Triple-S requirements necessitates a teaming strategy. The team we built
is the best of the best. Mid-sized, manageable, and highly responsive, our
synergistic group has broad and highly relevant expertise across the BOA.
To ensure seamless transitions onto task orders (TOs), Phacil establishes
quality, cost, and schedule controls for key requirements. We will provide a
qualified team of employees on Day 1 that reflects TO-specific expertise,
capabilities, and experience necessitated by the individual TO Request.
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