City Water Equipment presentation

City Water Equipment
Installation draw
The City Water is a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) dosing
machine coupling with Globalex ClO2 chlorine dioxide
tablets. The City Water directly delivers activated and
pure chlorine dioxide solution produced by ClO2
It can deliver up to 30 g of chlorine dioxide per hour.
The machine is high reliability and efficiency, reduced
maintenance and simplified operation. A smaller
building can meet the requirement of the machine.
City Water makes the using of chlorine dioxide easy
and safety.
City Water can be used for different application
■ water plants.
■ Swimming pools disinfection.
■ Drinking water treatment in farms.
■ Combatting legionella in hospitals.
■ Drinking and process water in the beverage
and food industry.
■ Bottle cleaning.
■ Cooling water treatment.
■ Compact and designed for small rooms.
■ Easy and safe generation of chlorine dioxide thanks to
Globalex chlorine dioxide delivery agent products.
■ Precise chlorine dioxide dosage thanks to adjustable
metering pumps.
■ Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC and Touch
Panel (HMI).
■ Direct control by inductive flow meter.
■ Display of the current all relevant operating parameters
and error messages in full text.
■ Equally suitable for remote control.
■ Man/Auto operation model.
Installation draw

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