MAP Conference Presentation

Making the MAP Connection
Kim White, Curriculum Specialist
Henderson County Schools
June 2010
Compass Learning Odyssey
 Anywhere with Internet access
 Anytime 24/7
 All students
What is it?
 Internet-based software program and data
management system
 Research-based curriculum and formative assessment
aligned to national and state standards for primary
and secondary
 Content areas of reading, math, science, social studies
 Includes language arts extensions, brain buzzers,
thematic units, pre-school themed curriculum
How do teachers use it?
 Build differentiated lessons for students to use
individually (acceleration or intervention)
 Guide instruction with whole class lesson on concept
or objective
 Use with small groups (acceleration or intervention)
on concept or objective
 Monitor student progress
How do students use it?
 Access Internet
 User name and password
 Teacher direction on assignments
 Track progress
How do parents use it?
 Access child’s account
 Child can accelerate
 Child can catch up
 Review skills or concepts
 Monitor progress
Curriculum in CLO
 Odyssey Curriculum based on national standards
 Explorer Curriculum (formative assessments to create
learning paths)
 Math Intervention (grades 5-6)
 NWEA by Goal RIT Bands (Learning Path)
 State standards
NWEA to CLO Link
 Administer MAP test to students
 Close testing window
 Data uploaded from NWEA to CLO
 In 2-3 weeks students have individualized folders of
assignments based on their goal strand scores in
reading, math, and language usage (Grades 2 and up)
Let’s look at the program…
Compass Learning Odyssey
 Skills and concepts are taught through engaging
 Skills and concepts are formatively assessed through
learning activities and quizzes
 Skills and concepts can be assessed through
summative assessments as well
 Strong connection between how MAP questions are
Contact Information
Kim White
Curriculum Specialist
Henderson County Schools
[email protected]

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