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Room Draw!
Housing Highlights
Special Housing Areas
Priority Numbers
Housing Not Available Through Room Draw
Registering for Room Draw
How Room Draw Works
Important Facts & Proxies
Cancellation Policy
What priority numbers get what type of room?
Fall Housing Eligibility
• All undergraduates who will be enrolled in classes in Hanover
during fall term 2012 are eligible.
• To be eligible, your D-Plan must show an “R” for the fall term
• 5th year Thayer BE students are not eligible for on-campus
• The D-Plan Change deadline for fall term 2012 is April 30th.
• Students who are withdrawn/suspended at the time of Room
Draw are not eligible, but can submit a readmitted student
housing application by June 1st. These applications will be
processed along with all the on-time waitlist applications.
Petitions to participate in RD will be considered (contact
Rachael Class-Giguere directly).
Housing Highlights!
• Sophomores are guaranteed housing!
Members of the class of 2015 are guaranteed oncampus housing for their sophomore year provided
they are enrolled in classes in Hanover and participate
in Fall Housing Selection/apply by the appropriate
deadline. While all 15’s who participate may not
receive an assignment, those who submit a waitlist
application by June 1st are guaranteed housing for the
fall term.
Housing Highlights!
• All Housing Information is ON-LINE!!!
• Gender Neutral Housing Expanded. Select room types and locations are
designated gender neutral. These designated rooms/locations are available
to roommate groups regardless of sex or gender provided all beds can be
– In addition to the Maxwell/Channing Cox /Ledyard Apartments, specific suites in East
Wheelock and the Fahey/Mclane and McLaughlin suites, we have expanded this
designation to include Mid Massachusetts hall, The Lodge and floors 2 through 4 in
New Hampshire hall.
– The Gender Neutral Program is separate from these offerings. The Program Floor is
filled through the Affinity application process.
• 4th floor Gile & Ledyard Apartments are Substance-Free Housing for
upperclass students. If you are looking for a community where all
residents agree that they and their guests will not use or possess alcohol,
tobacco products or illicit drugs within the community, then check out Gile
4th & Ledyard Apartments – both locations will be available at
Apartments/Quads Night.
– You don’t have to be accepted to the East Wheelock Program to live in the Ledyard
Apartments. They will be available at Apartments/Quads Night.
– Students who select rooms on Gile 4th will sign a substance-free housing living
Priority Numbers
• Randomly assigned by class.
• Cannot be transferred to another
• The best priority number within a
group of roommates is the one
used to select a room.
• Manipulation of priority numbers
is not tolerated.
• Don’t know your priority
number? You can look up your
number on BannerStudent!
Priority Number
Priority Numbers
• Not every priority number is used during Fall
Selection, so having number 901 doesn’t make you
the 100th person to select a room.
 In recent years the senior class range of 801-2300, there
were approximately 435 seniors who went through Room
 In the junior range of 2301-3500, approximately 430
juniors were assigned rooms at Room Draw (smallest class
on campus in the fall).
 In the sophomore range of 3501-4700, approximately 770
sophomores were assigned rooms (additional sophomores
were on the waitlist and were housed over the summer).
• Fall Housing Selection is a series of processes leading up to the General
Room Draw.
1. Affinities: applications due April 6th, confirmations made by April 13th
2. GLOS/Societies: rosters due April 10th
3. Housing for Medical/Disability Needs: Applications and documentation
due April 19th, decisions and, where applicable, assignments send out week
of April 23rd .
4. East Wheelock: Applications due April 6th, decisions sent out week of
April 16th, East Wheelock Room Draw is on-line - Wednesday, May 2nd.
5. Suites: Students will be notified by email on Tuesday, May 1st. Those not
able to secure a suite can then regroup to participate either in
Apartments/Quads or General Room Draw.
6. Apartments/Quads: Thursday, May 3rd (on-line)
7. General Room Draw: Saturday through Monday, May 5-7th.
8. Waitlist: application due June 1st, assignments made in late July.
• Student who are participate in the Room Draw must register by
midnight, EST on Monday, April 30th.
– All students who register and who meet the following criteria will be sent their
selection time-slot the day prior to their selection date.
• CRITERIA: Enrolled for Fall 2012 & Not already housed for the fall
• Student who are registered but don’t meet the criteria will be notified they
are not eligible.
• Room Draw uses the BannerStudent, Housing Appication: StarPortal site.
Registration, Selection are part of the same application, but sections become
available based on date. The waitlist application is a separate application.
• Time-slots are issued to groups of 10 registered students for an “exclusive”
period of time, at which point the next 10 students are given access.
– 10 students will have access for 10 minutes before the next group is given
• We will be monitoring the process and performance closely and are
prepared to respond to any questions or concerns that arise.
All students who
want to be housed
through Room
register on
by Monday, April
30th, at midnight
The next series of pages
asks which of the processes
you are planning to
participate in – starting with
East Wheelock.
This lets us know your
intention and gives us a
chance to confirm your
eligibility for whatever
process you want to
participate in.
If you try to participate in
one of these processes and
are not able to secure a
room, you can regroup and
try to participate in the next
process and/or go straight
to the General Room Draw.
Suites and the Sextet
are limited housing
options and we will
review the eligible
groups and notify
students on May 1st
whether or not their
group can get a suite
or the sextet.
Those groups who
are not housed
through this process
can re-form their
roommate group to
go through
on May 3rd or opt to
do the General
Room Draw.
Apartments &
Quads Room
Draw takes place
on Thursday, May
3rd and Group
Leaders who have
roommate groups
will get their timeslot on
Wednesday, May
Substance -Free
Room Draw will take
place on Thursday,
May 3rd and those
who register for this
process will receive
their time-slots on
Tuesday, May 2nd.
Gile 4th floor
(singles, two room
doubles and triples)
and the Leydard
Apartments (4
person apartments
and one 3 person
apartment) are the
Sub-Free locations
for 2012-2013
You will want to answer
“YES” to the first question if
your first choice is
Quads or Sub-Free, but
you want to go through
Room Draw if your aren’t
able to get housing through
one of those processes.
If your first choice is
General Room Draw, you
will answer this question
“N/A” for not applicable and
the next question’s answer
will be “YES”.
If you only want housing if
you get it through one of
the earlier processes and
plan to live off-campus if
you don’t, then answer
“NO” to the first question.
If you want to live in a
double, triple, quad, suite,
apartment or sextet, you
must be part of a
Roommate Group.
Within your roommate
group, the student with the
best priority number will
create the group and be the
“Group Leader.”
ALL members of the
group must complete their
own registration by April
30th and join the group.
You can only be part of
one roommate group at a
If you are the student
with the best priority
number – you will create
a group by giving it
name and creating a
Prior to your Room
Draw event, the easiest
way to invite your
roommates to join your
group is to send them an
email with your group
name and password so
they can register and
join your group.
When you form a group you
will receive a confirmation
email that you can forward to
your intended roommates.
If you are making changes
to your roommate group or
creating a roommate group
during a Room Draw
event, the best way to add
a roommate is to enter
their Dartmouth ID.
If your roommate or
room type preference
changes, you can delete
your roommate group.
This is typically done if
the desired room-type is
not available and you are
now either going to
create /join a new group
or go for a single (if
This page is where
you agree to the
College Residence
Policies & Terms. A
link to the full set of
policies and terms is
Agreeing to the
terms does not bind
you to select a room
through any of the
You must confirm
your registration to
be eligible for Room
After confirmation,
you can go back
and make changes
to your registration
at any point up until
midnight EST on
April 30th (the
You will know your
registration is complete
when you receive a
confirmation email.
Again – if you are
planning to live with
roommates, ALL
roommates must join the
roommate group and
complete the registration
Tips & Suggestions for Room Draw
• Gender Neutral Roommate Groups are eligible to select suites or apartments and in the
General Room Draw can go for doubles in the Lodge, New Hampshire 2nd through 4th
floor or doubles or triples in Mid Mass.
• Rising seniors and juniors whose first choice is a single room (and thus are likely to
get one) should NOT create a roommate group.
• If a student only wants a single in certain buildings they can either elect to have
their preferred roommate with them when their time slot opens so they can create
a group on the fly if the single isn’t possible, or create the group first, and delete
if they can get the single.
• All students who register will get a time-slot. If they are part of a roommate group and
are housed through another student’s time-slot, their time slot will be canceled. You
cannot try for a different room when your original time slot would have been open.
• If a student changes his/her D-plan to an “L” after the time slots are set, their time slot
will be canceled and they will be notified of the cancellation via blitz.
When it’s you or your
Group’s selection time, you
log into the portal and go
straight to Step 12.
You will be able to select
by just room type (singles,
doubles, triples), just
building, or both.
A student who is not part
of a roommate group
cannot reserve a double or
triple. Conversely, a
student who has a
roommate group in place
cannot select a single
without first dissolving the
After hitting “search”
you will see a list of all
the rooms available, in
real time.
You can link to the floor
plan page on our main
website for information
not found when you click
“Room Details.”
You can click on
“Room Details” to
learn the square
footage of the room.
Again, a link to the
floor plans page on the
ORL website will be
on the search page.
When you select your
room you highlight the
room and click
“continue.” This
holds that room for
you exclusively until
you complete the
selection process.
In the case of a multiple
occupancy room, the
“group leader” assigns
both him/herself and
his/her roommate(s).
Once assigned, you
click “Reserve Beds.”
This shows the
room you selected
and, where
applicable, the
name of your
roommate(s). If
all the information
is correct, you
click “Save &
Continue” and the
room is yours!
This is the final page –
it just confirms that
you have completed
the selection process.
• As is the case each year with Room Draw in May, we expect to run out of
rooms before all eligible rising sophomores select a room on-line.
• The waitlist application will be available starting Tuesday, May 8th and
is part of the same “application” as the Registration and On-Line
Selection process.
• Our current plan is for the waitlist portion to be available all day
Tuesday, even if the student’s time-slot hasn’t opened yet. This will
allow any student who prefers to go straight onto the waitlist to do
• Waitlist applications deadline is Wednesday, June 1st. Any rising
sophomore who applies by the June 1st deadline and is enrolled is
guaranteed housing.
• The only students who will be able to select a room through Room Draw
are those who register by the April 30th deadline, are not already housed
through a previous process, and have an “R” for their fall d-plan.
• If a student misses his/her time-slot, they can still log-in and select.
• The Portal will be open 24 hours a day, however new time-slots open
only during our set hours each evening, This will allow anyone who
missed their time to still log-in and select a room, or come to our office
for help during the day.
• The Housing Office will be open and fully staffed each night of selection
until at least 30 minutes after the last time-slot for that night. Students can
call or come in person for assistance.
• Students who register for Room Draw are not bound to participate. If you
decide to live off-campus, you can just ignore your time slot – there is no
cancellation fee if you don’t select a room.
• Students who cannot log-in during their time slot can request the Housing
Office select a room on his/her behalf (for singles, or multiple occupancy
rooms if all roommates are unavailable).
• To request another student log in and chose during your time slot, the
proxy must come to the Housing Office at least 15 minutes before the
time-slot begins with a copy of an e-mail from the student, with their
Dartmouth ID number, stating this student has permission to chose on their
• Housing Office Staff will work with the proxy to get logged-in on a
computer in the Housing Office and select the room.
Cancellation Policy
• To cancel housing for any term
without a penalty, you must
cancel or withdraw your
application before the cancellation
deadline for that particular term.
No cancellations are accepted
once the residence halls open for
that term.
• The fee does not apply if the
student is withdrawing, going on
an FSP/LSA or TR/EXCH term.
• Student can appeal the fee in
writing to the Housing Office.
Summer June 1, 2012
Fall 2012 Post Room Draw
to July 2nd = $250.
July 3rd to
September 8th =
November 5, 2012
March 8, 2013
The information below is based on data from 2009-2012
(numbers have been rounded up/down). This data does NOT
guarantee what will be available for students with these
numbers this year. This chart is a representation of what
students have chosen in the past and may not reflect this year's
Room Type
Priority #
Maxwell/Channing Cox
5 person & 4 person suites
2 room double
1 room double
2 room quad
JRs &
Only 4 available at Room Draw
3 room quad
Only 5 available at Room Draw
4 room quad
Only 2 available at Room Draw
NH & Hitchcock chosen first. On average, over the past few years,
anywhere from a low of 10 to a high of 40 SO's got singles at Room
Draw (most in Topliff or Ripley/Woodward/Smith)
Primarily SRs and JRs are in the apartments; however over the past
few years increasing numbers of SOs have been able to select
apartments as well. (note – rent in the apartments is $2785 per term
vs. $2585 in the traditional residence halls.)
Thomas suites are generally last to be chosen. There is only one four
person suite, which is in Thomas.
SRs are choosing 2 room doubles at an increasing rate over the past
few years. Traditionally only a handful of SO's get two room doubles,
however last year that number was higher.
A handful of SRs and JRs have chosen one room doubles in New
Hampshire, but primarily SO's are in one room doubles. Last year
doubles were hugely popular with women.
While most are chosen by SOs, who get triples in the Fayers, then
Mass Row, Gold Coast and Wheeler/Richardson, a handful of SRs
and JRs chose triples. Last year triples were hugely popular among
Got Questions?
Contact the Undergraduate Housing Office via e-mail
([email protected]), phone (603-646-3093), or stop by our office in
the basement of North Mass.

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