IDHS Homeless Services WebinarWebinar

Friday, January 20, 2012
Mary Sue Cox, Tami Kirchgesner, Jenny Boyd, and Bill
Hosted by the Supportive Housing Providers Association
Lore Baker, SHPA
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Mary Sue Cox, IDHS
Division Merger – Bill Benedict
 Division of Family &
Community Services
 Office of Adult Services
& Basic Supports
 Bureau of Basic Supports
Mary Sue Cox, IDHS
Restored FY’12 Funding Amount
Added to “Direct Service Personnel” Line on Web-based Budget,
located at:
See E-Mail and budget form from Jenny Boyd, dated January 18,
2012, for your agency’s restored ETH funding amount.
ETH Email sent January 18, 2012
Fiscal Year 2012 Restored Funding Payments
The Bureau of Basic Supports will generate the restored FY’12
ETH payments when the increases have been processed by the
Comptroller’s Office.
FY’2013 ETH
Funding Application
Funding Plan is due
on February 3, 2012
to Jenny Boyd.
Fiscal Year 2013 Funding Plans
DEADLINE: January 31, 2012
Attn: Jenny Boyd
Illinois Department of Human Services
400 West Lawrence, 2C
Springfield, IL 62704
[email protected]
(217) 782-1317 – Phone
(217) 524-5800 - Fax
Prevention Program
FY’13 Funding Plans
FY’13 funding requests must be based on the
maintenance FY’12 budget amounts, located at:
Deadline: January 31, 2012
Supportive Housing Program
 FY’13 Funding Plans
 Electronic Submission
 Most Funding Plans Can
be Edited
 Some Projects will
require new funding
plans due to Agency
Changes, Mergers,
Budget Revisions,
Project Additions, etc.
Complete and Accurate Applications
Complete and Accurate Applications
All Required
Included in
Your FY’13
SHP and ETH Inspection Forms Due
May 1, 2012
Hardship and Payments Process
Payment Website
Vendor Payments
Closing – Lore Baker, SHPA
 The recorded webinar, powerpoint and associated
documents will be available on the Supportive
Housing Providers Website after noon today.
 Questions and Answers
 Upcoming SHPA Quarterly Meetings and SOAR
trainings: visit SHPA website for details and to register.

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