Hispanic Americans` Rights Movement

Hispanic American applies to the Americans who came from
Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba.
Five major subgroups- Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans,
Cuban Americans, Central Americans and Southern
The number of Hispanic Americans has risen dramatically.
1960- 3 million
1980- 15 million
1995- 27 million
2009- 46.9 million
César Chávez, born on March 31, 1927.
Second- generation American.
Left school after eighth grade to work
in the fields to support his family.
Joined the United States Navy In 1946
Dreamed to create an organization to
help migrant farm workers whose
poverty he had shared.
Seen as a civil rights leader to Hispanic
Died on April 23, 1993.
Dolores Huerta, born on April 10,
1930 in New Mexico.
Her father was a miner and farmer
and her mother was a
businesswoman who owned her own
restaurant and hotel.
Went to the University of Pacific’s
Delta Community College
Met Chavez while working for the
Community Service Organization
Huerta was seen as another civil
rights activist for Hispanic
United Farm Workers
(UFW) of America- formed
in 1966 by
Chávez and Huerta.
Benefited farmers
Got support from United
Auto Workers, Robert
Kennedy and Jerry Brown,
the California governor
The grape boycott
Chávez used strikes, fasts
and marches .
He would continue to lead
strikes against bananas,
lettuce, and vineyard
During the 1940s
Mexicans were asked by
the U.S. to fill the labor
shortage as a result of
World War II.
Braceros program
These workers were
called braceros.
Displaced many
Mexican- Americans
Most effective 19471964.
5 million were given
During the 1970s bilingual education was the center of controversy.
Parents believed in order for their children to be equal to those
who spoke English they would have to learn bilingually.
Others who opposed this believed it slowed down the assimilation
or the absorption of a minority into society.
The Bilingual Education Act of 1968 ensured schools would have
assistance for bilingual teaching programs.
The number of illegal immigrants during the 1960s and 70s was
rising quickly.
In 1968 Congress passed the Immigration Reform Act.
Fined employers anywhere from$250- $10,000 for every illegal
immigrant that they employed.
Hispanic Americans will soon be the biggest minority in the U.S.

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