Makron Skyphos

Makron Skyphos
Cup: Skyphos
Painter: Makron
Potter: Hieron
Date: 480- 470 BC
Height: 21cm
•Basically, the skyphos portrays Helen of T-roy being abducted by the Paris (who is
the Trojan Prince) on side A and on side B its shows her being recovered after the
Trojan war by her hubby Menelaos ;) Helen was promised to Paris by Aphrodite if he
voted her the most beautiful godess.
•It is the only vessel that was signed by the Makron painter, although 250 have been
assigned to him.
•Makron and Heiron did a little collaboration with over 30 vases. This Skyphos has
Hierons inscription on it.
Background Shtuff
The Brygos painter
•Renowned as a decorator of cups
•Was active as an artist around 500-475 BC
•Liked to capture the moment” or the smarter way of saying it is... He
has a real interest in the precise observation of human behaviour.
•His figures have “restless energy,” even if they are still, it looks like
they are about to jump, run etc.
•He liked to paint pictures of a symposia or athletic competitions where
he could indulge... In movement.
•Gifted with the deception of age. (beards + Stubble)
•Heads are are:
1. Very expressive
2. Long, arched brows
3. Narrow eyes
4. Long, straight noses
Makron Skyphos Side A
What’s going
on? Paris taking Helen, Eros
is flying above them
The soldier armed with a spear is.
Paris is pulling Helen by her wristerotic nature of abduction. Helens
servant person is placing the cloak
over her head to disguise her. The are
all names ‘cept Paris has his Greek
name Alexandros... Which sounds like
Alejandro kinda... :/
Typical of the
artists love of
figured detail
Extra shtuff (side A)
Eros is up
high/ smaller
creates the
effect that he
is in the
distancethis creates
Chitons (dress things) very delicate , used a dilute glaze so they
appeared three dimensional. Jandals, the hair on the lion and
worn by Paris the hair of Priam and the hair of the woman/lion
were also done with dilute glazwe are also done with a dilute
glaze- created depth.
Makron Skyphos side B
King Menelaos of Sparta goes to
retrieve his wifey. Beard on
Menelaos (Brygos painter.. Made
the link woohoo) to compare
him to the young beardless Paris,
who does have stubble
Helen is being dressed by her
The central group of four is
framed by 2 old men. One on the
left with a white beard and one
on the right with a black beard
drawing his sword
Extra shtuff (side B)
Makron liked to
do erotic
scenes, helen is
in frontal pose
wearing see
drapery. Her
womanly bits
are showing.
Helen on Side
B mimics Paris
on side A.
stands in the
positioin of
(the guy
holding the
shield on side
All of the character people take up the whole
frame. Feet are grounded and heads touch
the top of the frame- he uses up a lot of the
space. The Characters were very dense.

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