Little Details webinar 3-13

Little Details, LLC
An Event Planning Company
Owner/Event Professional LaTasha Baldwin
The Beginning
• Determine the purpose for the event. (ex: VIP
Client Appreciation)
• Discuss demographics of your clients or
perspective guests. (ex: target market)
• Select venue and time of event. (ex:
appropriate for the event guests)
• Establish a realistic budget.
The Details
• Use the demographics of your clients and, or
potential guests as your guide.
• Create a marketing campaign (for big events this
should begin 6-8 weeks out). This includes
selecting appropriate give-a-ways and printed
• Outline a timeline and day-of frame for the event.
• How will you welcome and entertain the guests?
(will you need name badges) Does this relate to
the event purpose?
The Details continued…
• Research caterers and the various meal options. Select
the vendor that best fits your objective. Also consider
all potential food allergies. When selecting caterers
focus on quality, service , pricing and your interaction
with them. (ex: how easy was it to discuss your needs
with them and are they responsive?)
• Will you need a photographer, music, rental
equipment that includes linen and décor?
• When considering the layout – image a guest arriving
and mentally walk through the event in their eyes.
The Details continued…
• At least two weeks from the event review
every detail and follow-up with all vendors. Be
sure to provide your caterer with the final
The Follow-up
• Determine what your final call to action will be.
• How will you integrate this into your event.
• How will you follow-up to determine the
effectiveness of your event purpose? Make
sure this is measurable.
• Send a personal thank you note with photo’s if
possible. Always include something that as
your brand awareness.
Little Details thanks you!
Little Details, LLC – An Event Planning Company
Owner/Event Professional: LaTasha Baldwin
Contact Number: (720) 437-0009
Contact email: [email protected]
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