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NX Email for Kenwood LMR
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Low-cost and easy integration
Adding email connectivity to your network of mobile radios is one easy step.
You simply download and install Datalink’s Email-source program in a
Windows PC that is connected to a base radio serial data port and also
connected 24/7 to the Internet.
Datalink operates an Email cloud based server which will route emails to your
Email source program which will then route it to the appropriate radio.
Messages from radios will be routed back through the Email source program
to the Email server which will forward them over the Internet as a standard
NEXEDGE IP connectivity will be an option to a serial port connection soon
Message size
Over a NEXEDGE digital link you can send a text message of up to 95 characters
and spaces approximately. If your message exceeds the limit, the email server will
return a message letting you know your message is too long and to reduce its size.
Over Fleetsync analog the message limit is 48 characters and spaces.
Sending Emails
Once your Email source program is installed and configured anyone with
the correct email address can send an email to a mobile radio and
receive replies.
The Email address would be (user)
All user names and routing path details including radio ID must be
submitted by Email to Datalink for inclusion and activation in the NX
Email server.
Receiving Emails
Radio users can only respond to received Emails from remote Email
This is a current limitation of the radio messaging capabilities and is
subject to change in the future.
(Dealer level)
Connection to Datalink’s NXemail server is $200 per month up to 250 email
addresses for email routing.
251 to 500 email address routing is $350 per month.
501 to 1000 email address routing is $500 per month.
There is an email address configuration and set-up one time fee of $7.50 per user.
The Email source program is a free download from Datalink’s website.
Dealers who provide channel access for multiple corporate customers can
charge a fee to add Email messaging, providing a positive monthly revenue
Contact information
For complete details please contact;
Datalink Systems Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1-760-309-2251 UTC-7

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