TP_SMB_AM June 2012

First Things First
Account Manager Outline
• Overview
This discussion provides a modular breakout of Cisco’s TelePresence and
interoperability with the latest information on endpoints and infrastructure.
Before we Start…
CTS 1300
Profile 42”
What’s Included…
• Profile 42" Full HD LCD single screen w/standby
• Cisco TelePresence System Codec C20
• Natural Presenter Package option
• PrecisionHD 1080p 12x Camera
• Cisco TelePresence Touch 8'‘
• 2 microphones
• Small Conference Room
Profile 52 Dual Screen
Designed to be a Green Endpoint*
(LCD & Codec both have standby options)
Tech. Specs.
EX 90
EX 90 Connections
EX 90/60 Document Camera
• Allows the use to easily
share documents*
EX 60
EX 60
Quiz review
Practice Question 1
How does the EX90 allow you to easily share with a quick flip of the camera?
A. Other People in the Office
B. Other Callers on the Phone
C. Physical Documents
D. Documents on the Desktop
Answer: C
Practice Question 2
What makes a Profile 42” C20 a green unit (Pick two)
A. Green Paint
B. LCD goes into standby
C. Full Enclosure
D. Codec goes into standby
Answer: B,D
Practice Question 3
What is not a valid category of Cisco TelePresence endpoints?
A. Personal Systems
B. Calculated Systems
C. Multi-Purpose Systems
D. Video Enabled Phones
Answer: B
Practice Question 4
Which endpoint supports multi-site in HD?
A. EX60
B. C40
C. MX200
D. EX90
E. C20
Answer: D
Practice Question 5
What supports the touch interface?
A. Personal systems (EX series)
B. Room systems (profile series, C Series integrator, quickset)
C. Immersive Systems (CTS)
D. All of the Above!
E. None of the Above!
Answer: D
Practice Question 6
Which is a Videophone?
A. EX60
B. E20
C. C20
D. EX90
E. E40
Answer: B
Practice Question 7
When a camera type is described as a 1080p60fps, what does 60 mean?
A. resolution
B. Gigahertz
C. Megahertz
D. 1.21 Jigawatts
E. Frames per second
Answer: E
Practice Question 8
Which endpoint would you suggest for a standalone HD desktop unit?
A. CTS3000
B. EX50
C. EX90
D. E20
E. Profile 52”
Answer: C
Practice Question 9
Which units do not call for selling an external display?
A. EX90
B. Profile 42”
C. EX60
D. All of the Above!
E. None of the Above!
Answer: D
Practice Question 10
In what type of conference room would you propose a profile 42”?
A. Small conference room
B. Auditorium
C. Executive Boardroom
D. Stadium
E. Jeremy Lin’s living room #Linsanity
Answer: A

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