Do you want to open your own Mini Bank Branch or become a
Customer Service Point?
Do you want to enhance your status in the market and family &
Do you want others to look up to you as a SMART businessman?
If your answer is "YES" to the above questions, then move to the next page...
This is Possible!
 How?
Pay Point India has been appointed as Business
Correspondent of State Bank of India.
One stop shop and Pay Point India Retailers can now
be designated as Customer Service Points of State
Bank of India to carry out banking transactions on
behalf of SBI.
 How does it work?
• Initially existing One stop shop and pay point
Retailers having web account will function as
Customer Service Point (CSP).
• A Non –One stop shop & Pay Point India
Retailer can also be appointed as a CSP
 Advantages to the Customers
• A No-Frills SBI account through KIOSK Banking Model.
• Cash Deposit.
• Cash Withdraw.
• Account to Account remit of cash.
• Recurring Deposit.
• Tatkal Money Transfer Facility.
• 9 to 9 money transfer service.
 Banking Transactions
What banking transactions can be done?
Following banking transactions can be done:
• Deposit of Cash
• Withdrawal of Cash
• Money transfer to another no-frill account
• Money transfer to any SBI saving account holder
 Retailer’s Income
What is retailer’s income from BC?
The retailer’s income from BC will be on:
• Every Cash Withdrawal & Money Transfer
• Opening New Account
• Issuing Identity Card
 Advantage to Retailers
• New revenue stream
• Tatkal Money transfer
• Even existing SBI customers from nearby areas can be your
customers (Decongest)
 Technology
Internet Enabled PC Based Technology
• Accounts will be opened at Kiosk Outlets
• SBI Kiosk transactions are bio-metrically secured
• Transaction confirmation through voice prompt
• Printed acknowledgement for each transaction issued to the
• End to end process of account opening and transactions online
 Valid ID Proofs
Following are the valid ID proofs which a customer can
submit for new account opening:
• PAN card
• Driving License
• Passport
• Voter ID card
• Govt or Defence ID card
• Reputed Organization's Employee ID Card
• College or School ID Card
 Silent Features
• Account opened by single individual only near to place of customer.
• Account opened with Nil (zero) balance, Maximum balance Rs.
50,000/• Total of daily Cash deposit/withdrawal – Max Rs. 10,000/• Liberalized KYC norms as per RBI Guidelines for ‘No Frill Accounts’ .
• Customer Identity Card issued having customer name, address and
• Statement of account is issued on the request of the customer.
• Nomination facility available only for minors.
 CSP infrastructure / hardware
Shop of minimum size 12 feet x 8 feet
Computer (PC or Laptop)
Internet connection
Web Camera
Finger Print Scanner (to be provided by SMFF)
 Investment Offer
1. A biometric device.
2. A 2X3 size board with SBI branding.
3. A welcome kit.
4. Free Pay Point India Web Vending account.
5. Offsite technical assistance.
6. Online training.
 Do’s and Don’ts
Finger print validation is required for cash withdrawal.
Service charges debits.
Registration of beneficiary for remittance for sending remittances
Balance enquiry
Statement of transaction
Visit the authorized SBI CSP/Kiosk Operator outlet only along with your ID Card.
Operate your ‘No Frill’ bank account at the CSP site only.
Ask your SBI Kiosk Operator to guide you through the transaction.
Always ask for a printed receipt of the transaction.
Verify that the transaction amount is correct and check your balance in the account.
Check the details of beneficiary being added to your account for remittance.
Count the cash withdrawn before leaving the counter.
Verify the charges with the list of ‘Charges to be paid by customer’ displayed at the
Report any malpractice to Customer Care Centre at ( specific to each BC)/ Branch
Manager of link Branch /Channel Management Facilitator.
Immediately inform the nearest CSP & our Customer Care Centre in case of lost ID
Don’t give your ID card to any third party.
Don’t leave your ID card with the Kiosk Operator.
Don’t leave the counter without collecting receipt of your transaction.
Don’t accept handwritten transaction receipts from the Kiosk operator.
Don’t leave cash with the Kiosk Operator on his request of completion of your
transaction later in case of no electricity or non-functional printer.
Steps for CSP Enrollment
• Pay the amount of Rs.27,999/- from one stop shop distadmin
panel. Go to Product option and click on SBI mini branch and
pay. Kindly make a note of OPO amount after paying.
• Fill up the CSP enrollment form.
• Attach signed photocopies of KYC documents ( ID proof and
address roof. Pan card is mandatory).
• Attach copy of the police verification certificate.
• Contact on 022-66846684 One stop shop 24x7 customer care
team .
Process flow
Once the application and money is received for becoming a customer sales point ( CSP)
for SBI bank.
Details would be forwarded to SBI bank for approval, The approval and verification may
take maximum 60 days.
Once the verification and approval is received, the Retailer would get the SBI user id and
password and a kit from our end.
The CSP would get online training on how to operate the system and would start his
CSP also needs to manage an RDS account with us( take advance limit) and would start
functioning as SBI mini Bank branch.
This amount is non refundable once paid, this can be refunded only in a case if SBI rejects
the application (after deducting the processing fees of Rs.10000/-) in BP distadmin panel.

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