Childhood Cancer and Blood Research BioBank

Childhood Cancer and Blood Research (CCBR)
BioBank, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC
The aim of the CCBR BioBank is to provide researchers with high quality biospecimens from
pediatric patients with blood disorders in an ethical manner.
The CCBR BioBank
Mouse expansions
The CCBR BioBank was established in September
2011 to collect and store biospecimens from pediatric
patients with hematological disorders. The CCBR is
governed by four committees; an oversight committee,
a management and operations committee, a scientific
committee and an advisory committee.
The CCBR BioBank has the ability to expand our acute
lymphoblastic leukemia cells in immune deficient mice
allowing us to generate >100 times the number of
primary leukemic cells for research purposes. This
expansion provides sufficient numbers of highly
enriched leukemia cells for the completion of multiparameter cellular and biochemical evaluations,
including western blotting and flow cytometry
experiments, as well as in vitro drug and growth factor
response studies.
Patients who donate their biospecimens to the CCBR
BioBank understand that they are consenting for their
biospecimens to be used in “as yet undetermined
research projects”, they also know that their samples
will be used in studies which have research ethics
board (REB) approval and which have been reviewed
by a committee of experts in association with the
Disease Representation in the CCBR BioBank
How to apply for biospecimens from the
CCBR BioBank
All applications for biospecimens from the CCBR
BioBank are reviewed by a Scientific Committee whose
role is to assess the scientific merit of the application.
The application procedure is outlined below.
Apply to BioBank Coordinator by email to see if
biospecimens are in CCBR BioBank
Solid tumors with bone
marrow involvement
Solid tumors without
bone marrow
Benign blood disorders
Fill out application form provided by BioBank
Coordinator and attach:
REB protocol
REB application and certificate if obtained
Proof of funding or application for funding
The CCBR BioBank currently has bone marrow
(primarily) biospecimens from pediatric patients with
blood disorders including leukemia available for research
purposes. In most cases blood and bone marrow
specimens are ficoll separated to harvest viable
polymorphic blood mononuclear cells (PBMC’s) which
are stored in FCS + 10% DMSO in liquid nitrogen. We
generate about 6 aliquots of ± 5 million cells from each
patient sample. We also have permission to collect left
over blood, DNA, CSF and stem cells from patients who
participate in the CCBR BioBank
For more information email: [email protected]
Or visit
Review by CCBR BioBank Scientific Committee and
approval from CCBR BioBank Executive Committee for
Management and Operations
Signing of Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and
Release of biospecimens.

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