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You are insured by Generali,
Hungary’s leading insurance company.
Your insurance includes:
 health insurance, in case you are sick
 travel insurance, when you travel in Europe
 accident insurance, in case you have an accident
In Hungary, the health institutions are mostly run by the State (public system).
Your insurance provides you a supreme private clinic service during the day and on
weekends. In case of emergency, you will be transfered to the public system.
Medicover, the private clinic which will treat you,
is located in 2 central places in Budapest.
Your health insurance
I. the cure of any disease, which began in Hungary
II. the treatment after any accidents, that happened in Hungary
III. dental-care up to a limit (in acute cases)
IV. medicines and medical supplies up to a limit
does not cover
I. the cure of the disease that you had already before you arrived
II. when you risk your health, physical well-being by your own decision
(e.g. alcohol, drugs, dangerous sports)
III. treatment of psychological problems (homesickness, depression)
IV. treatments reffering to reproduction (contraception, abortion)
V. rehabilitation (physiotherapy)
So ……. If,
you have fever,
suffer from indigestion,
have been having a headache for 2 days,
suffer from toothache,
have a flue
+36 1 465 3166
On the phone
At the other end of the line there will be an Englishspeaking, graduated health specialists, who is there to
help you.
Tell them:
who you are
your date of birth
your insurance card number (e.g.: 1248)
what your problem is.
What happens?
The Medicover specialist, based on the information you
gave and taking in account the professional reasons,
will decide which of the following alternatives is the
best solution:
giving you advice on what can you do on your own, at home (e.g.: how to relieve
fever, nausea, or what to do when you have diarrhea)
b. in case you need a doctor, they arrange an appointment for you
c. in case of emergency, they direct you to the hospital on duty
d. in case your life is in danger, they will insist on calling
the English-speaking ambulance via 112
a. provides you English-speaking telephone-assistance 24/7
b. arranges the medical treatment for you
c. provides you the medical treatment on their clinics
Please note that your insurance works properly only in
case of calling the Generali Medical Hotline
Via +36 1 465 3166
indicated on your card!
Some IMPORTANT rules:
a. Always call the Generali Medical Hotline via +36 1 465 3166!
b. Call right after realizing your symptoms, and think over what you will say
to the MediCover when calling them!
c. Describe your symptoms in details and provide Medicover with all the relevant and
important information!
d. In case you don’t understand what Medicover tells you, please don’t hang up but ask
back as many times as it is necessary for you to understand the instructions!
e. Respect
the doctor,
II. the institution,
III. the instructions and recommendations!
You already arranged an appointment via Generali Medical Hotline hotline for the
clinics’ opening hours (weekdays 07.00-20.00, in special cases weekends also).
b. In case you provided your Hungarian mobile phone number, you will receive
important information regarding the place and time of the examination in msg.
c. Arrive on time, 5 minutes before your appointment (in case your delay is more than
10 minutes, the clinics cannot provide you treatment in the previously arranged
appointment, so you have to book a new one).
d. In case you want to cancel or modify the date/time of your appointment, you have to
indicate it 24 hours before.
e. You will receive the best service in high standard environment provided by highly
qualified English-speaking doctors.
f. Please prepare yourself for the examination both mentally and physically.
g. Follow the doctor’s instructions, to make sure you get better as soon as possible.
When and in what cases are you NOT treated
at Medicover Clinics?
If you were examined by Medicover and your further treatment requires
hospital treatment, e.g.:
I. you receive an appointment for a specialist,
II. you receive an appointment for a special examination (CT, MRI),
III. your condition requires immediate intervention, so Medicover
b. provides transport for you from the clinics by ambulance.
If you need immediate medical treatment out of the opening hours based on the Generali
Medical Hotline’s instructions
I. in this case you’re always directed to the hospital on duty.
c. In case your condition is so serious that you have to call the ambulance right
In case you arrived to the hospital by ambulance, please inform the Generali Medical
Hotline as soon as possible.
The public healthcare system is
highly professional, well-equipped,
b. treats the entire Hungarian population,
the order of treatments is determined by the
severity of the cases
you should count with waiting time
d. most of the doctors speak English
requires immediate cash payment from foreigners
at the Medicover clinic you never have to pay (if the treatment is covered by the
b. at the public healthcare system (due to the severity of the financial system) you have
to pre-finance the care
if the treatment is covered by the insurance, GENERALI will transfer you the money
In order to get the compensation of your medical treatment, please
prepare the following documents:
the original invoices - that has your name and address on it -,
the copy of all the medical documents that you get from the doctor,
the completed and signed invoice sheet
your Hungarian bank account number
(to which the compensation will be transferred).
In case you dont have a bank account number, please check whether you have any
trustable mentors or friends, whose account you could use for that purpose.
Put these documents into an envelope and send them to this address via post:
Generali Biztosító Zrt., Mrs Mária Kelemenné Somogyi,
4025 Debrecen, Piac u. 49-51.
(Before sending, please make sure that you have the copies of these documents.)
After sending the documents, you will get a reply in 18 days.
in order to recieve effective help, we need you to comunivate continuously with Generali
Medical Hotline
b. if you face any difficulties, call immediately the Generali Medical Hotline
(e.g. if you are at the hospital and get lost, or have language difficulties etc.)
Outside of Budapest
a. at the local care facilities you get the same service as in Budapest
b. you need to do the same things as listed above
(call the Generali Medical Hotline)
- In Hungary always CALL GENERALI MEDICAL HOTLINE: +36 1 465 3166!
- Think about what you will say!
- Call as soon as possible, do not wait for days!
- Do not wait for the weekend,evening or night!
- Prepare for pre-financing!
- store you medical card in a safe place where you will easily find it !
If you follow the rules, you can be sure that you
get the best possible health service!

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