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Keep tabs on your life
Kelley Burke
Cloud Productivity Solutions Specialist
[email protected]
Keep all your ideas—to-dos, depositions,
meeting notes, vacation plans, and more— in
one spot. When you have all the related
information you need right there, knowing
your next step is a cinch.
Send to OneNote
OneNote makes it easy to
collect and keep all kinds of
information in one place. In
addition to your own notes,
you can insert pertinent
information from other
sources and annotate it as a
great way to save time.
Attach files with
updating file
Insert files right into your
notes so you have them when
you need them. When you
insert Excel and Visio files,
you'll be able to see content
previews from with your
notebook that automatically
update as you make changes.
OneNote now has key table
features built-in: sorting,
moving rows and columns,
sharing, and headers.
Looking to do more advanced
data crunching? With one
click, you can convert tables
in your notes into attached
Excel spreadsheets.
OneNote’s improved inking
allows you to draw, erase and
edit seamlessly, whether using
your finger, stylus or mouse.
Like writing instead of typing?
OneNote also converts
handwriting into text.
Screen Clipping/
Snip Photos
Quickly add cropped
screenshot images from any
program to your notes.
Linked Notes
Take notes side-by-side other
Office programs or your web
browser and make doing
research easy on your
computer. OneNote stores
links to the documents or
Web pages you viewed while
taking your notes, and with
one click you return to the
content again later on.
Its simple to share notebooks stored in
the cloud.
The easiest way to share is to send a
You can also share notebooks through
Outlook meeting invitations and Lync
online meetings.
Simplified sharing
When your notebook is stored
on OneDrive for Business or
SharePoint, you can choose to
share it with whomever you
choose. Don’t want to share?
OneNote notebooks are
private by default unless you
choose to invite others to
work with you.*
*Online connectivity, as well as sign-in
with a Microsoft account or an Office 365
account, are required
Share notes in a Lync online meeting
Collaborate in real time with others in a Lync 2013 online meeting.
Share with an existing or new online meeting.
Share notes in an Outlook meeting invitation
Connect your notes directly to an Outlook meeting
Choose to take shared or your own notes.
Choose the notebook to save to or create new.
 Participants select the View meeting notes link in the
invitation to open the notes
 Automatically records the meeting date and time,
meeting organizer, and participants
 Write notes at the same time as your colleagues and
they will be arranged so they do not overlap.
Take notes in a Lync online meeting
Use a single set of notes for all meeting
participants when you use OneNote and
Lync together.
Invite attendees, add the presentation or
document you’re discussing, and everyone
can take notes.
Select the
button and go to the
OneNote tab.
See who’s collaborating
Identify and authenticate other authors more easily
with the integrated profiles.
Search for notebook changes and revisions by authors’
names and view all recent edits.
You’ll see a coloured bar and initials next to new or
edited text.
In OneNote, your notes are automatically
saved and searchable. You can even find the
words you’re looking for in pictures. You
don’t have to remember where you put
anything—OneNote’s got it.
You can search the notes and
files you’ve added to find
anything you’ve captured– a
particular page in a
presentation, text in a picture,
or a comment in an audio
clip–just type in a key word or
Flag your notes with tags and
make it easy to organize and
find what's important.
OneNote provides several
predefined note tags, such as
Important and To Do, that you
can associate with your notes.
You can also create your own
custom note tags and search
for tagged items.
In OneNote, your notes are available
Whether at your desk or on the go, your
digital notebook travels with you. In addition
to OneNote for Windows, there are apps for
Windows Phone, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad,
and Android phones.
And, wherever you have a browser, there’s the
OneNote Web App available through
Touch, ink and voice
OneNote on PC
Work naturally on mobile
devices using Touch
Optimal experience for each task; touchfirst or keyboard/mouse with touch
Work on digital content like you would
on paper - annotate or draw using inking
Multi-task with voice-activation; read
your voice mail or respond to an email
Real-time co-authoring lets you work
from the Web, desktop, a Windows tablet
or iPad, a mobile device, offline or online
OneNote on Windows 8 tablet
Add ruled lines when creating handwritten notes on
touch device
Turn handwritten notes from a touch device to text
Touch/ Mouse Mode button
Enlarges spaces between buttons on the ribbon
Easier to select options with your fingers
Add to your Quick Access Toolbar
OneNote Windows Store App for Windows 8
OneNote has been reimagined for
Windows 8.
Innovative user interface featuring
radial menus.
Search for OneNote in the Windows
Store to install and start using.
iOS applications
Top Tips
No need to save as it saves and syncs your changes automatically
every 30 seconds and upon closing.
Tags are useful to put alongside your notes to categorize them or to
review later.
Right-click on sections to password protect them.
Pull text right out of a picture!
Windows+Shift+S to grab a screen clipping
Search feature shows live results and has a ranking system.
Insert whole PowerPoint’s into your notebook using the ‘Print to
OneNote’ feature.
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