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Communities First Working in partnership to support
Martin Davies - Communities First Programme
Integration Manager, Welsh Government, Communities
Communities First and Other Tackling Poverty
Programmes which Impact on Health and Wellbeing
ESF funded project looking at how Communities
First , Flying Start and Families First can work in a
more consistent, joined up way, nationally, regionally
and locally.
• National Integration Manager
• Four Regional Integration Managers (covering
Cwm Taf, Gwent, West Wales and North Wales )
Communities First
• Communities First is a community focussed programme
that supports the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty
• The programme has three strategic objectives:
– Prosperous Communities
– Learning Communities
– Healthier Communities
• Each Cluster has produced a Community Involvement Plan
• Each Cluster has produced a delivery plan, setting out how
it will deliver outcomes which support the three strategic
Flying Start
The core elements of the programme are drawn from a range
of options that have been shown to influence positive
outcomes for children and their families. These include:
• Free quality, part-time childcare for 2-3 year olds.
• An enhanced Health Visiting service.
• Access to Parenting Programmes.
• Early Language Development.
This programme is universally available to all eligible children
and their families in the areas in which it runs.
Families First
• Emphasises prevention and early intervention for families,
particularly those living in poverty and works alongside the
support offered by our other programmes:
– Flying Start;
– Communities First; and
– The Integrated Family Support Service.
• Every local authority has developed a Families First Action
Plan (2012-17).
• The plans will be delivered at the local level with partner
organisations under the guidance of Families First delivery
Integration and Alignment of Programmes and Services
• Greater coherence and improved alignment between
programmes and services is a ministerial priority.
• At this point, the intention is NOT to amalgamate
• There is great potential for the Families Information
Service to support joined up working.
• There is already joined up working happening but this is
usually as a result of local arrangements. The challenge is
to make this systemic.
Some Examples from Wrexham
• Family Information Service presentations to staff from
Families First/Communities First/Flying Start in Wrexham.
• Jointly facilitated financial awareness training for parents
in Caia Park/Hightown cluster - organised by Communities
First but paid for by Family Information Service.
• Information Outreach events in Communities First
Joined-up Working Between FIS Teams - Some
Examples from Wrexham and Flintshire
• A shared post with Wrexham FIS and other
partners to support parents under 25 to find
• Childcare brokerage officer in Wrexham and
Flintshire to work with families and childcare
providers to secure childcare places for
disabled children.
Some Questions for Consideration – Information
• Does your local Family Information Service know
what your programme offers?
• Do you know what programmes are operating in
your area?
• Do you know what the programmes in your area
offer and to whom?
Some Questions for Consideration - Joined-up
• Do you share objectives with any of the other
programmes working in your area?
• Are there opportunities for joined-up working?
• Are there barriers to joined –up working?
Communities First Outcomes which might support
joint working
• Promoting Family Learning in the Early Years
• Supporting Young People to Do Well at School
• Supporting Families to be Engaged in their Childrens’
• Financial Inclusion - Improving Financial Capability,
managing debt and raising income
• Supporting a Flying Start in the Early Years (Ages 0-7)
For further information, contact:
• Betsan Ifan (Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire and Gwynedd)
[email protected]
• Emma Davies (Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly and Torfaen)
[email protected]
• Geraint Evans (Merthyr Tydfil and RCT)
[email protected]
• Nicky Sandford (Bridgend, Carmarthenshire, Neath and
Port Talbot, Pembrokehire and Swansea).
[email protected]
Thank you
[email protected]
Welsh Assembly Government
Communities Division
Rhydycar, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UZ
0300 062 8973

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